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how many ounces of water/fluid should we have day

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i was wondering, the doc's never told me, but how many ounces of fluid should you drink aday? Right now I drink approx. 60 ounces of water and about 64 ounces of gatorade. SHould I be drinking more? or am I right around where I need to be?

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This probably varies somewhat from patient to patient. When POTS was bad for me, my specialist told me to aim for 2 to 3 liters of fluid per day AND not to go longer than 2 hours without drinking fluid (except of course during sleep at night). But, he also warned that sleeping longer than 8 hours would be detrimental my hydration.

Hope that helps. You many want to ask your doctor to be more specific, too, next time you see him/her.


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i drink about 12 cups of water, plus one or two cups broth, for the salt, about 3-4 cups of milk, 3 cups of electrolyte drink(like gatorade, but no sugar), 2-4 cups juice, give or take.

but to each person it is different. i pee out alot of what i take in, even while i use tons of salt. i can't handle florinef.

best of luck,


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There is a slight risk of H2O intoxication if you you drink too much water. I've only seen it twice, but it can be dangerous. However, if you are drinking lots of fluids with electolyte supplements in them, I'm not sure there's any set amount. The problem with just water is that it flushes out potassium and sodium and that's where the problem comes up. My feeling would be, that where ever you feel best is where you should be. Talk to your doctor about it and see how much he thinks you need and how much extra salt and potassium so you can drink the supplemental stuff you need. You get to a point where you know you haven't had enough or something's not right. If your doc is not savvy on this disease, you're kind of stuck figuring it out, but just ask him to run perodic electolytes on you and you'll see how your doing. morgan

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I think its an individual thing...

But I had hyponatremia from water intoxication 3 years ago. I thought I was doing myself good drinking so much free water and instead I made myself extremely ill and ended up in the hospital.

I think the key is to make sure that the liquid you drink has electrolites in it. I never take a drink of water without adding some electromix to it....I also make sure to tak a salt tab every 20 ounces or so to keep my sodium up.

I take in about 3 to 4 liters a day of Electrolite water, or propel, or emergen C

I seem to have a severe hydration/electrolite imbalance problem...not everyone here has it to such an extent so you need to go by what Your Dr recommends and how your body feels Good Luck :)

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