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Blackwolf, how are you?


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dear corina, thanks for asking, the new doc was so cool, she new what i was talking about and didn't act like i was nuts. a 30 minute appoinment turned into 40.

yah, i'm still here, sorta. had a muscle test(emg) on my left leg, current normal, but muscle weak. i am due for a blood work up and a urine test, i have extra protein in my urine and they don't know why and this new doc wanted to check EVERYTHING. had to put off the bloodwork and urine test till monday or tuesday as i have to be fasting and i didn't have the time to run in for it on friday.

i'm kinda dragn' butt these last few days. had a slumber party for my daughter on friday, she turned 8 on the second. and the weather has been really wild here, warm, cold, rainy, thunderstroms, blah, blah, blah... i seem to be going from one headache to another this last week and a half. been eating not the greatest and feeling it :) but i will be good from now on.

thanks for thinking about me,


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BW, sounds like the new doctor is pretty good which must be encouraging.

I know what you mean about the headache from storms...I am just like the old farmers who can predict when a low pressure system is coming 24 hours in advance! My neck hurts something awful.

WOW, a slumber party for 8 year old girls. What a great Mom you are because I am sure the stimulation from excited little girls was overwhelming for you.

take care.

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dear geneva,

yah, i was some "over stimilated"(understatment) but i figure i can handle a few bad days if Lorrie can have a few really good ones.

the doc was great and we already have a few new ideas to try. adding a few vitamins and minerals. mabey a new drug or two. she did say she would call my cardio doc and see what was up with not doing the mestinon, i really believe she will too, she didn't understand what the big deal was. "the only way to tell if it will help is to try it" she said. she said if the cardio "blows her off" we'll give it a shot in 4 weeks after trying the new vitamins and the vesicare(bladder trouble). if the vesicare doesn't help, will look into abdominal floor work, as all the excercise(pelvic floor and kegals) isn't really helping and she actually checked if i was doing them right. :) she was so completely thorough that i and my hubby were floored. she was everything i needed right now, she even said she would help me find a new cardio in her group if i wanted to. we have two "groups" of docs here. one working mainly thru one hospital and one thru the other. i am slowly changing from one group to the other. except me pain mgt doc, who i love to work with and has been so nice.

again, thank you everyone for thinking of me, i have been "lurking" mostly at odd hours, and rarely feel up to typing.

blessings everyone,


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