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Anyone seen any psch from Mayo, FL??

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Hi! I am new to this board but have been active on NDRF for a long time. I've been reading this board for a while but finally registered.

Glad to see many "old faces" still here but sorry so many are still struggling!!!

Has anyone seen any of the psychiatrists at Mayo Clinic in FL? If so, can you share your experiences with me? You can email me at elpizo@bellsouth.net directly if you prefer not to comment publicly on the board.

I have NCS and POTS; was at the Mayo clinic last year. I do have depression but it's secondary to the physical condition and in part a result of losing my job, my independence, my house etc. I have tried MANY anti-depressants in the past. They either don't bring any relief or I have horrible side effects. This time, they are suggesting I see a psych to evaluate the medication issue.

My concern is this: #1 I have had HORRIBLE experiences in the past especially with psychiatrists. Most seem to have HUGE EGO's and don't listen to their patient.

#2 My employers disability plan is trying to set the stage so they can drop my benefits. (My plan states that any mental impairment is not covered after a two year period regardless of improvement or ability to work). I have a local therapist who has backed me up wonderfully by letting them know that yes, I do have "psychiatric" diagnosis (PTSD, Depression) However, these are not what's keeping me from working. It's the passing out, rapid heart rate, fatigue and migraines w/ visual disturbance that keep me from working.

I am afraid that if I follow through with the psych appt (and if I try any more "psych" meds this will give my disability carrier more ammunition to use against me.

I am also afraid that if I'm totally honest with the psychiatrist and tell them my fear of what they will put in my medical record that they won't back me up, despite all the medical evidence. I want to ask them to back me up by reiterating that any "emotional" issues are normal and secondary to the physical and that if the physical were to clear up I could return to work. Someone told me if I tell a Psychiatrist that though they will probably interpret that as my trying to direct the therapy and as my diagnosing myself.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

Sorry to be so long with the post!

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Did you get your ncs and pots diagnosis at Mayo? If so did they identify what is going on ie: blood pooling, or autonomic problems? I have not been to Mayo but I also have depression and pots and ncs. I know what a problem it is to get the doctors to look past the depression diagnosis and to get them to look at the physical problems. I suggest on your first meeting with the psych. you provide copies of your medical records that prove the diagnosis of pots and ask they be put in your records. I assume since you are on a company disabilty plan your records did a good job of substantiating pots.

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I had already been diagnosed with NCS prior to ever going to Mayo but they confirmed NCS and POTS and since the Psych evaluation is to be done at Mayo they of course have access to all the Mayo clinic records. Noone has found a cause for dysautonomia in my case. I've had signs and symptoms of it since being a teenager (I'm now 36).

I think I just get frustrated and sensitive to the psychological issues. I understand where they come from but I feel most, even in the medical profession do not. I get tired of constantly being asked questions about my level of anxiety, depression etc. AND not being believed when I provide the honest answer. For example, last week while at the clinic I had some allergy testing done. Twice I had an autonomic response (which by the way, also happens when I eat certain things or come into contact with certain things). The nurse asked me if maybe the problem was simply that I was too focused on my condition. I told her "No" I was happy, relaxed just planning in my mind what my friend and I would do the rest of the day while in Jacksonville and BAM! I get this autonomic response. I told her I don't focus on my medical condition but rather it's such an intrusion in my life that after a while I notice certain correlations to things. So...sorry if it's not "normal" to respond to allergy testing that way but I have an extremely sensitive body!!! I feel like the majority doesn't listen to me and want to brush it off as being psychosomatic or something. Although, I must say the DOCTORS at Mayo have been much more respectful of this issue and I've had more positive responses from them. I don't think I would even consider a psych consult anywhere else at this point; I'm just hoping their Psychiatrists truly know what they are doing and will be respectful.

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I see a therapist psychologist reguarly. I did when in ICU see a shrink. He listened and read my records, amd said"I would be very concerned if someone your age and activity level WASN'T DEPRESSeD"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Remember there is depression and depression. As you said, thats not what keeps you from work. Good luck. Perhaps you could ask your therapist how to approach this?....MiriAM :o

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I don't have any experience with Mayo or psych doctor's down there in Florida, but I have gone through the whole process. I remember when I was getting divorced from my husband and it was a bitter divorce; my ex was trying to take the kids, the house, etc. I was worried about finances and the children's stability and the doctor was like, oh you seem depressed lets try you on an anti-depressant. I looked at him and said some depression caused by all of this is normal and NO I'm not going to start down the path of anti-depressants. My point is that all of the physical symptoms that you are experiencing and the things that you lost because of it are bound to give any one depression and yes sometimes it's good to rely on medication but WHEN you have a doctor that can't differentiate from the 2, then you can get into trouble trusting their judgement or lack of.

My question to you is, what kind of medications or help are you getting for your physical symptoms? What your going through, sounds a lot like my mom. She started with the NCS for about 10 years and now has the POTS.

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