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Neurologist Appointment tomorrow

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Well tomorrow I follow-up with the neurologist again to get my test results. I had ALOT of blood work and 24hr urine and MRI on head, neck, and spine. The office never called me so i assume my tests are normal but I'm still nervous. I want to see if there is an underlying cause so I can better control my symptoms. I also hope she can help with my headaches. I never got headaches before POTS. I did a log and I had 15 headaches and 3 migraines in one month. That's scary to me because there's probally something wrong with my brain. I hope the appointment goes good because I need her help, I want to feel good again someday.

Thanks for listening


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Thanks for your reply. I have dealt with alot of nausea, it's starting to improve, I think. What are the symptoms of abdominal migraine? The resaon I asked was my last migraine I told my husband i felt like I had a migraine in my stomach also. I never heard of abdominal migraines. How do they test for that?


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I'm back from the neurologist and all my tests were normal. The MRI they found a small spot on my brain. I guess it's a common spot since I've been experiencing headaches/migraines but I guess it's no concern. I also have two bulging disks in lower back but that has no effect on the spine.

Neurologist said she can't think of anymore tests to do and sent me on my way. Because I experience so many headaches in the past two months she prescribed aleve 500mg and an anti depressant but I don't know if I have the nerve to start it.

I guess I'm disappointed, I was hoping she would find out the cause than fix it. I'm sure we all wish that.


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Hi Dayna,

It's amazing how familiar some POTS stories are. I also had headaches constantly- usually not bad enough to bother taking pain med but sometimes quite bad. I also had MRIs done for the headaches and it only showed some spot of activity that didn't mean anything. After I got diagnosed and started walking, salt and fluids my headaches disappeared. I'll still get minor ones if I don't get plenty of sleep.

My headaches were mostly pain/ burning behind my eyes and went along with being very irritable- every little sound or bright light or energetic happy people annoyed me. When I got a headache I was usually also tired and took a nap. Napping helped fatigue but not the headaches, in fact I think it made them worse. I found that napping in a chair helped. Trying not to nap by sleeping as much as possible at "night" (like 12-14 hours) helped the headaches and I felt better overall.

I have a theory- POTS people's blood pressure varies dynamically a lot when we change position. Blood pressure droops as we stand but it also spikes as we sit/ lay down. Spikes of high blood pressure can give you a headache too. So I was always careful not to "flop" down on the bed. I sat, then put my legs up then laid down slowly.

Hope you find a solution.


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Hey Dayna,

Are you sure you didn't borrow my MRI results? They sounded remarkably familiar... :)

All the neurologist found on me also was one tiny pinprick spot. Weird.

I think Jesse is right on with the BP/headache theory. I recently started experiencing BP changes, and now have headaches that seem to get better when I eat salt. The only other thing I can do is not move a muscle, since movement seems to aggravate them. Pain meds do not work at all for me.


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