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Sleep Study

Guest Julia59

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Guest Julia59

Tomorrow night I have to have another sleep study as my last one was inconclusive. However, the couple times I did dose off my Pulminologist noticed some loss in oxygen levels.

I know a while back, probably about seven/eight months, I would wake up coughing when I went to bed at night, and my husband said I was gasping on occasion with those spells. I waited to call the Doc, because I figured in wasn't anything real serious. I finally called, and my PCP told me to come in and see him. He prescribed antibiotics even though it wasn't confirmed I had an infection.

He also gave me a prescription for a lung x-ray, and told me to go get the x-ray if I was still having the spells. Well I was, even though I finished the antibiotics. When I went for a stress echo ordered by a cardiologist, I called to tell him I was near the hospital, and asked if he still wanted me to go ahead with the x-ray.

I took the x-ray and forgot all about it. Then when I got a real bad cold, naturally it moved to my chest, and I wasn't doing very well. I thought I would lick the cold on my own. But a couple of days later when the cold was peaking, the Docs office called and told me I had an appointment with a pulminologist.

I asked why, and he said there were some shadows on my lung x-ray. Then they noticed I sounded sick over the phone, and told me to take the same antibiotics as before only double the dose---and they called it in to the pharmacy. I had a very bad reaction to the antibiotics on the second round and had to stop them.

Meanwhile, when I went to my appointment with the pulminologist, he thought the x-ray could be something, but he wasn't concerned it was anything serious. He wanted a sleep study done after he found out about the upper cervical spine, and lower brain compression, and cranial instability. He wasn't looking for obstructive apnea, but another kind associated with the central nervous system.


I hope this one goes better.

Julie :0)

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Guest Julia59

Nope, no music, but they do allow books---so i'll take my Gene Wilder Book with me. No TV eaither. I usually fall asleep to the TV---I know it's bad, but what can I say---whatever works---huh. I do get tired of it and sometimes turn it off.

I'm really quite depressed, as nothing seems to be getting any better----only worse.

Thanks-------you guys are great for responding and showing your support.

Julie :0)

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Guest Julia59

Oh my goodness......................I'm so upset.

I was doing pretty well and just dozing, and wouldn't you know I had to go to the bathroom. This was the second time---------------- :)

Then the anxiety started-----it was a mess. The woman giving the study was so nice and patient. It also didn't help that everytime I lay flat I get a headache in the back of my head spreading to my neck----and terrible ear aches. Finally---she unhooked everything at 3:00am. I pray it will still be covered on insurance.

Ugg----i'm so sick of doctors and testing. I think my anxiety was just being there----and then all the things in my mind about my POTS crash/and neck/spine issues.

Then all the worries about my son, our finances----oh why did i have to pick that night to let it get me.

I had sort of an emotional breakdown of sorts about two hours before I had to leave for the study. My husband came home and I just let loose---crying---more like bellowing--- :blink: about all my troubles. After talking on the phone with my attorney---and hearing her say there was no real smoking gun in my medical records indicating I had problems bad enough to collect disability----well let's just say I was shocked.

Then I talked with the adjudicator handling my case, and they said their decision would be made as soon as the phyc report is received---and they were not going to wait for any other medical information. I told her I was still waiting for Dr. Bolognese to call me, as he was conferring with Dr. Kula-(neurologist on his staff at TCI). I told her he contacted me via e-mail to let me know he didn't forget about me, and that I would hear from him soon. She didn't seem to give a hoot.

My husband works hard, and I feel fortunate we have an income coming in, but we lost mine 5 years ago, and it's been tough---but never the less---I still count my blessings. Just some days I cave in---and yesterday was one of those days.

I still have a lot of health issues that are unsettled and need further investigating that I don't want, but have no choice. I just have terrible anxiety about going to any doctor now. As far as going to a hospital, well all I can say is that the anxiety get's even worse, just the smell of the sheets get to me.

I really feel overwhelmed, and it looks like i'll need to go talk to Ken Davis---(PHD that Dr. Grubb recommends to his patients who are having trouble with chronic health issues. I really felt like telling the woman at the sleep study last night to take me to the psyc ward.

I came home and slept about 5 hours but broken up into 3 and then 2 hours----better then nothing----and I feel a bit more sane.

Between worrying about my son because he's driving an old car up to Mich. everyday, the health issues, our financial situation, SSDI, my ignorant attorney---yada, yada---I feel like i'm going to lose my marbles.

Thanks for letting me whine about my troubles. I know a lot of people have it much worse, and I feel somewhat out of line here, but I had to let some of it go so I don't explode.

Thanks to all of you---for thinking about me, it means a lot especially because I feel so lost.

Julie :0)

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Guest Julia59

Thank you Ernie,

I might have to take something if they do another test. They will probably cancel the one with the c-pap machine---or whatever that thing is called.

Probably xanax-----as sleep aids have the opposite affect.

I normally sleep OK----I do wake up a couple times a night, but I usually go back to sleep. I was filled with anxiety, and my upper back/neck pain was out of control. I am increadably sensitive to a lot of meds---especially pain meds--------------so ICE and tylenol are it. Even during child birth I was given demoral-----------ugg, I was so sick from it. I don't go into shock or anything, just very sick.

Also, I did have sort of a mental breakdown just before I went as things are just getting to me---so hence the anxiety, just bad timing I guess.

I told the manager of the sleep study center I felt so bad, and he said don't worry about it, and told me he sees these things happen all the time.

I'll keep you posted,

Julie :0)

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