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Scary episode,

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:) I was happily driving along singing away when I felt like my eyes were crossing and I was getting dizzy. Nothing blurry or anything like that, but I felt like I would get very dizzy but then it went away, lasted only a few seconds and of course my heart started to race, would not be complete without that starting. I do have sinus problems/allergies. It scared me enough to turn around and go home. Here I sit wondering and shivering if this is the beginning of the end of something terrible. Dramatic I know, but it scared me. Weather here is still rainy and yucky and my nose/sinuses have been stuffy but it just got me so down.

I really felt like this could be a good day today and BAM.

I have to get myself together and go to work soon. Worrying about this possibly happening again will, unfortunately consume me today.

Sorry to complain,I've been doing too much of that lately. Thank you all

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I get episodes like that all day and they get worse at night. It's usually what finally sends me to bed. But I notice during the day if I talk for any real length of time they are worse, somaybe Ernie is right. It was the singing taking away a little oxygen. Awful feeling isn't? morgan

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Well, if that's the case my children and hubby will be thrilled if I stop singing!!! Hmmm,they have said it hurts their ears, guess it is finally getting to me..lol. :)

Thanks for the support,,it really threw me, I felt dizzy at times, this one just felt a little different. Variety, that's one thing this syndrome business certainly has. Keeps you guessing.


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Hey, Mom4 Cem,

I used to have POTS problems while driving, if I was singing along to the radio. I would get breathless, then dizzy, and my heart would do funny things.

At www.potsplace.com, under "What to Avoid," on page 4, singing is listed. It says, "Singing has been reported to temporarily worsen symptoms in some individuals."

I guess we could never win American Idol, huh? We'd pass out on stage!!

Hope this helps.


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