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IV Mistake

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Hi everyone,

I had my first IV saline treatment today. I made a big mistake. Even after all the recent posts on dental work etc. (I've been reading them and saving some of the info for my next dentist trip) I didn't stop them from "numbing" my skin before the they inserted the IV tube. Big mistake I think. I've ended up with heavy heart pounding and adrenaline surges - must have had some epenephrine :P .

Well, I learned my lesson! I think it's wearing off and as it does, I can tell the IV is helping a little - and even a little is GREAT! (if ya know what I mean).

Well, maybe my little experience will helps someone else who is new at all of this. And thank you Geneva for your advice. I told them I might want 2 liters and ended taking them both. Glad I did.


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Roselover, I am glad you have found some relief with the fluids and if you needed 2 liters, I would say your tank was definitely on empty. Sorry about the numbing agent. The only time they want to use that on me is when the hand is the only option. 99% of the time I get IVs in my arm and don't need the numbing. But, as you say, lesson learned...and shared!

Feel better!

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What numbing agent do they use for IVs? Would like to know this for the future, because I have hideous reactions to stimulants. They have epinephrine in them? I thought that was only with dental work...

Get better soon, Roselover. :P

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Some numbing agents have epinephrine and some don't. They typically only use them when they are doing something that may cause bleeding, as epi constricts the vessels and helps stop it. I wouldn't think they'd use it on an IV site. I always learned you can use it anywhere but fingers, nose, p**is,toes, but it still usually only applies with suturing or something along those lines. I've never had anyone use xylocaine with epi for an IV. You can just ask not to have any numbing agent, personally I feel it's a wash. It hurts as much to numb it as it does to start one, so why bother. morgan

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