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Funny for today

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Just a funny for today since it seems we all need it. Before I start my husbands nickname for me is Cakes. So we were teasing each other the other day and I said something like yea but I've got super powers.

AND he said "Yea your super power would be to crumble.

You would run in and say I am here to help and then crumble to the floor!"

And then of course he had to demonstrate it.

ANd you can imagine what that looked like!

"You get the bad guy he says and then lose him when you have to sit down."

Of course this went on all day!


Hope you get a laugh!

Stacey :-)

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That IS cute. It made me think about super powers. Super powers to me would be to run a mile or other things that people take for granted. A few times I have dreamed of running and feeling good while running. I never used to jog and really don't like it, but it would be nice to have it as an option.


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I get the worst digs from our golden retriever. She begs at everyone at Sunday dinner, and then walks around me to get to the next person... she thinks I'm a vegetarian!!! I haven't been able to eat meat for a long time and she just totally gives me the cold shoulder. She has no time to waste waiting for the broccolli from the POTS plate!!! The best part is that my brother and I are always competing for everything. Once he beat me up a hill and I said "oh yeah- big man! Beats a pots patient up a hill in the sun- big man!! My mom just layed in on him for an hour about how I am "purple" (legs) and not to taunt me into a race again- it was hillarious! He had to buy me lunch...it was great- I got the lobster!!!

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