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Autonomic Neuropathy diagnosis...


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I'm curious as to how many of you have been told specifically that you have autonomic neuropathy as part of your diagnosis...depending on what you read or who you talk to, it can be a cause, effect, etc. I think the diagnosis is via one or both of the sweat tests, but there may be other methods I'm not aware of. Any takers?

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I also was diagnosed with autonomic neuropathyand POTS..the actual diagnosis was Neuropathic Pots.The diagnosis was made on the strength of QSART,and Sweat tests .My autonomic doc is one of the leading researchers in Canada and tells me that he sees lots of people with Pots but only a very small percentage with autonomic damage. However he did comment that when he worked at Mayo he saw a much greater proportion with autonomic damage.????

I would venture to guess that many dont have the advantage of diagnosis at a full autonomic lab and so the proportion of those with neurological damage is probably

difficult to assess.


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Hi Sunfish,

I have been diagnosed with Autonomic Neuropathy as well as Peripheral Neuropathy. The only testing in that area was TTT and EMG. I have POTS and OI with the slow gut motility, temp disregulation etc. I get the adrenaline rushes with the POTS sometimes, but not all the time, and I get hypotension sometimes, as well as hypertension sometimes, when standing. I just read the article posted by Katherine that says there are two kinds of POTS, but I don't think it is as clear cut as that. My docs think that my medical problems are autoimmune in nature...don't know if this helps to answer your question.


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