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Heart Rate ??? Spike ???

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Any 1 just laying down ever have there heart rate spike like crazy ?

had a really bad episode last night hr went from 80 and climbed to 160 came back down to 110 and stayed there for a bit

then i took an extra dose of atenelol and it went down to 90 and i fell asleep

has any 1 ever had this happen just laying down not doing much ?

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Happened to me Thursday night driving home from work. Totally unprovoked. Again Friday morning and from about 230-530 in the morning last night. Unsure why. Previously had been about 90% better. The flares are taking it outta me. If I'm being honest, I don't believe it's ever going to get figured out - it's just what my body does. I don't think it's dangerous because I always manage to get thru. I've had all normal cardiac work-up with flares caught on monitoring - all benign. I've struggled this week with light-headedness, ear and neck pain ®, being SOB, pre-syncope, electricity in my veins. I think the answer for me is to go to what works, try hard not to worry. Learn to live with dysautonomia for now without answers. It's a struggle. Especially after being about 90% better for the last few months. I will get better again. Despite the worst of doctors who think I'm crazy or the best of doctors who just don't know what to do with me - at the end of the day I have the forum. The comfort of that always puts me in the right direction. Good luck ~ try and ride the wave.

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