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Lying Down For Mri Causing Flare?


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Could lying flat be a trigger for bad flares?

I have posted recently how I went to the Cleveland Clinic for testing about a month ago and how I got home and became feeling really bad again. I knew something from the trip was causing it. I just didn't know what - blood draw, the contrast, the fasting, etc. Now I had several tests where I had to lie flat for long periods of time.

Yesterday I went or an MRA of my neck and head. I had to lie flat in the machine for about 45 minutes. When I sat and then stood up. I felt AWFUL. I knew my blood pressure was sky rocketing. I actually was a little wobbly on my feet and my head and chest felt terrible. I wobbled my way out of there, the tech saying of some people feel off for a few minutes.

When I got home I walked and felt a little better. But every time I sat down and then had to get up I began to feel incredibly awful and blood pressure began to get higher and higher. In fact, I was beginning to have problems even sitting. If I managed to stay standing and walked, the pain and blood pressure would subside, but of course, one cannot walk forever. By night time I was in bed and unable to get up to even go to the bathroom without super high blood pressure (sometimes high heart rate also) and incredible pain in my head, neck, back and chest. It would take over a half hour for it to slowly subside and then shaking/shivering started.

Does anyone else have this happen and understand why and what is doing this. Today I am on my medications and told I would have to wait til tomorrow for the results of the MRA. If I feel worse go to ER. I have felt a little better. I was able to get up and go to the rooms in the house with a less drastic response, but I am sure night will be a treat again. I do have an appointment with a local cardiologist tomorrow and going to ask if there is a medication to take during the flares.

But could lying flat cause something. I am actually hoping that the MRA will show something messed up and causing it, but I know that is a long shot and probably way to easy.In my mind it would explain why stairs and bending and change of position cause these responses, but I know it is probably wishful thinking. Most likely this is some odd dysautonomia thing and I would appreciate any thoughts

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Flares are just a bad deal. No medications that I know of will help except time, rest, salt, and fluids. After awhile, you will be able to identify things that set you off and will avoid them as much as possible. Any time the body feels more stress than usual will sometimes cause a flare.

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I assume no contrast was used or you would have mentioned that. This might be a long shot, but I recently learned that MRI can disturb inner ear fluid. Since the vestibular and autonomic systems work together, I wonder if disturbing one could set off the other. Sorry you're feeling so badly - I hope this passes quickly. Let us know what happens with the MRA results.

More info on that if anyone's interested:


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Was it a large and new type machine, or an older and smaller one? I can't go into the new ones - they make me feel awful - dizzy, nausea, tachy, sweating. I would think it was claustrophobia, but I do fine in the smaller and older machines. The tech tried explaining it to me - something about the newer machines being very powerful with strong magnetic waves or something...?

I did some reading and also came across the same info that Naomi mentioned - inner ear fluid.

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No contrast and yes it was a new machine. It is possible that that contributed to it. But i do think the lying flat did too. I am going thru a tough time right now, and think that now my meds are contributing to the problems. Multiple problems at the same time, ain't life grand. I actually woke up today and was feeling somewhat better.ISo I think whatever the test triggered is getting somewhat better, But I took my meds and within an hour, hour and half of the last medication, I am having crazy symptoms again. So instead of feeling better taking the meds I feel worse.

I should get the results sometime today. Plus I am going back to a local cardiologist today and they want to talk to me about my medications. I was doing so good for a while I actually thought I might get my life back to a somewhat normal life. I now am just hoping for my "new normal" to come back and just be happy with that.

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