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  1. I ended up in the ER after taking Lexapro and also when they had me try Celexa. My bp went through the roof. Both times I was incredibly ill, After reading up on it I believe I had a seretonin reaction that is listed on it as being rare but a possiblity. Each of us is diffrent. I will say I have been diagnosed as having hyper pots, and another (larger) undiagnosed problem that may make this an issue others would not have.
  2. Yes, When I am feeling really bad, I burp awful. I also will have lots of gas. It doesn't matter if I have eaten or not. I will have it happen as soon as I get up in the morning and it can happen even after drinking a little bit of water.
  3. When I first got sick with all of this, I dropped a ton of weight because I was unable to eat, because i felt so bad. My doctor tried to tell me that my only problems I had were gerd and anxiety. Once i got so thin, that other doctors noticed aand I mentioned it to her I was unable to eat, she then tried to say my problems stemmed from a eating disorder!. I got another doctor and after getting extremely worse, I was put on some blood pressure medications and slowly regained weight. I will say I got somewhat healthier when I regained my weight but it did not cure my "Pots" or other problems. I
  4. I agree with Looneymom about the sun and the pet therapy. Anytime I go outside, even when I have to force myself out there helps my mood and seriously who can resist a pet. A dog or cat may make you smile and laugh but if not that it will at least snuggle with you and make you feel loved.
  5. Not sure what she is able to do physically at this time. You said she is getting professional help and that is good. A good counselor/therapist can help. Just having someone to talk to can help, especially someone who is not judging. Is she able to sit up or go anywhere? I ask because just getting your mind off it can help. Having friends over to watch a movie, or if she is able to go to a movie? Something that she can still do, a craft? An example I went to my daughters softball games this past weekend. Now I wasn't able to drive there, or carry any of the things or even set up my own chair.
  6. Well, it took a day of many phone calls to pharmacy and my doctors office but I finally got another bottle of the generic type I have taken in the past. As usual something that should have been easy was not. My doctor's office dropped the ball and did not call it in prior to closing, even though I called to check 1/2 hour prior to closing. I was told that I needed to give them time and that they would deal with it after closing time. They actually said" we wouldn't leave you hanging" and then did!!! I can laugh now, because I had one refill left at the old pharmacy and I was able to transfer i
  7. How was Mayo for your hyper pots? Did they get you on a treatment plan that has helped.? I have high NE also, Dr. Karabin (Dr. Grubb) diagnosed me with hyper pots. I had a relapse and have been able to work or do much of anything for nine months now.
  8. I actually will be glad if that is the problem because I can at least get back on (I hope!) the other brand and start to feel better. I was worried about this happening and everyone told me I worry to much. My family will say that I caused it by thinking it, but really I wasn't even thinking about it yesterday, I had a doctor appt. on a non blood pressure issue so my mind was on that issue.
  9. June I would check with your doctor to see how to safely cut down on the medications. You have to decrease some medications very carefully. If she is like me I am extremely sensitive to any little change.
  10. I picked up my prescriptions earlier this week and when it came time to refill my weekly bottles I discovered my doxazosin was totally different! The pharmacist assured me that it was totally the same just another company they changed to because of cost. Yesterday I took the new pill. Later that night I began to not feel so great, but I decided not to be a worry wart and go to bed. This morning I woke up sweaty, head and back throbbing. Got up and my bp which has been pretty controlled lately (around 110/75 pulse around 80's) was now 156/100 and pulse was 110! I have two of my old pills left,
  11. I have hyperadgenergic pots. I tried thigh highs per my doctor at the time and had to take them off pretty quick. My bp goes up and when I put them on I began to sweat and my body began to get so tight. Sure enough my bp sky rocketed. It took quite a while for it to go down after I took them off. My one leg game me problems for several days afterwards. That doctor at the time wanted me to try them again and keep them on longer even with my problems. Even with insurance they cost over $100.00 and I am not going to order them to feel that way. At the time they knew I had a form of pots but weren
  12. I am so happy for you and your son. I hope this is the road of recovery for him. I get B12 shots once a month, I started once a week. And even though I still have many problems, I will say my energy level is really improved and I feel like it makes me feel better. If I am late for mine I feel fatigued and I think have more electrical zaps than without. Wishing you and your son the best and Happy Holidays.
  13. I have blue cross/blue shield also. I have been fighting for a year for them to pay for my tilt table test. They denied it because they said it was not medically needed since I don't faint. I am hyper pots so I don't faint instead get hypertension crisis symptoms. Of course u can't talk personally to the board just customer assistants. My doc wrote a letter and said to call if they needed to talk to her, but they denied without calling. I think they hope people give up and just pay it, well I am not! Oh and the test showed that I am a crazy mess, so how can that not prove it was needed!
  14. Had an ultrasound of abdomen and a ct scan of abdomen and pelvic this past summer. It was suggested a hida scan to double check, but I am not having too much problems with eating it is more with movement. The tech of the ultrasound did say my gallbladder was extremely small but maybe just because I am a small boned person.
  15. Katybug, I was typing a response to Medicgirl when you sent your reply. Thanks for the suggestion I will look into that doctor. Honestly, I am willing to go about anywhere to get some answers. I have had xrays in the past so I don't think it is the rib, plus it feels like it is below and under this area. For a long time I thought it was a pheo or something wrong with a blood vessel but so far that is not showing.
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