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Pots Recovery From Venom? Possible Area Of Research

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Last week I posted in another topic on pots recovery that I had enjoyed 10 days of total pots recovery. I attribute my progressive improvement to diet, treating lyme, adderall, coconut oil and other supplements, removing toxic things and people from my life and Earthing (which I posted another topic on). One important thing that I left out, due to the fact that I didn't realize it was a factor was venom.

The first day I woke feeling really good. So good, I decided to stroll through the woods seeking out rocks for landscaping. I was bitten by a later identified, brown recluse spider, which wasn't a big deal early on. It was the next day after the bite that I woke with what I referred to in the other post as super or wonder woman strength! Total improvement in pots symptoms, neuropathy (first time I slept without an electric blanket in 15 years!) I felt so good, I kept working every day, pushing myself in shock at how well I was. I shoveled mulch and was non stop going.

The spider bite progressed over that time from what looked like a mosquito bite to a small crater with black center to a blister covered mess eventually leading me to an ER visit a couple nights ago! ( I know I should have went to the ER earlier but I was feeling SO good!) In the ER my vitals were normal! They started me on 2 antibiotics (which is freaking me out because of past C-Diff hospitalization) and Benadryl. I was to come right back if it worsened at all.

I started the meds and today, became feverish, had bodyaches, pain and just felt lousy. I took my vitals and BP was all over the place, sky high then extremely low, my resting HR was over 100 again, like POTS was back to visit. My feet became cold again and I've cranked up the electric blanket once more.

Then while flipping channels I started watching a NOVA special on PBS about venom research for medications. They talked about the brown recluse venom! That is when I put 2 and 2 together. Could the spider bite have given me those not quite Peter Parker, super strength no POTS symptoms? I started to research the brown recluse venom and found some interesting stuff...

"Using an enzyme found in the venom of the brown recluse spider, researchers at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine have discovered a new way to open molecular pores, called ion channels, in the membrane of cells.

The enzyme, sphingomyelinase D (SMase D), splits a lipid called sphingomyelin that surrounds the channel embedded in the cell membrane. As a result, the channel opens to allow the passage of small ions into and out of the cell, thereby generating electrical currents." The rest of the article at...http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2006/07/060717221858.htm

I then found a pdf on the therapeutic potential of venom peptides, getting very interesting on page 5 with Pharmacology of venom peptides. The chart after that section showing the sequence, disulphide connectivity and pharmacology of selected venom peptides, gives the action of class of spider venom peptides as Mechanosensitive channel inhibitor. http://imb.uq.edu.au/download/large/Venom_therapeutics.pdf

Researching the Mechanosensitive channels in regards to POTS took me to~

"Ion channels sensitive to mechanical stimuli could serve many functions. In higher organisms, specialized exteroceptors transduce sound, vibration, touch, and local gravity. Interoceptors provide feedback for the voluntary musculature and the filling of hollow organs, as in the regulation of blood pressure. Cellular mechanical transducersprovide local control of blood flow, regulation of cell volume, stress-dependent deposition of bone, etc. Thehormonally coupled mechanical systems, including renin and atrial naturietic peptide, regulate fluid volume. There arealso autocrine and paracrine transducers that generate chemical messengers such as endothelin." http://www.sachslab.buffalo.edu/pdf/mechanosensitizedions.pdf

I am trying to digest all this and how it relates to my resolution of symptoms after the brown recluse bite, if it is connected at all. Maybe someone else could shine some light on this for me?! Could this be an area of reserach for POTS medications? I still feel better than I was, despite a nasty looking arm!

And to the brown recluse out there that got me...Congratulations, You now have lyme disease! LOL!

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Gypsy, this might sound strange, but I wonder if this is connected to the Earthing concept. That spider crawls around all down on the ground. Could the bite have cause an increase in the earths electrons into your system? I know it sounds crazy but just wondering. Sorry about the bite. My husband was bit many years ago by one and had to be admitted to the hospital. And it does leave scar.

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It's hard to know because it sounded like you were already feeling at least a little better before the spider bite. And it might the the medication that made you worse again. But an interesting theory! It could be something even so simple as the venom increased your BP.

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The question is which ion channels? Diosmin extends calcium ion channel activity which can prolong norepibephrines effects in the synaptic cleft and enhance vasoconstriction but it may also worsen cerebral vasospasm potentially (although its unclear if this is a cause it effect scenario.) sodium channels are probably irrelevant other than perhaps in promoting neuropathy.

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