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Famotidine Vs Ranitidine

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With the terrible esophagus/GERD problems I'm having, constant burping, and my inability to take PPIs due to severe headaches (and even wondering if it was the instigator in starting my POTS) I'm trying famotidine instead of ranitidine. I know they have the same mechanism of action. I know famotidine has less drug interactions than ranitidine (for example, it does not interact with midodrine). Why do so many use ranitidine instead of famotidine? Why do all of the MCAS people use ranitidine instead of famotidine it seems?

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All my doctor said is that they both are pretty much the same but 150 mg ranitidine is cheaper than 40 mg famotidine (comparable doses) so they recommend you try the cheaper option first unless you're on a med that might cause an issue. Same advice was given regarding zyrtec and allegra, but for whatever reason allegra works much better for me than zyrtec with the mast cell issue. I've never actually compared prices on the drugs you asked about, since zantac works pretty well for me, so I'm not going to attest to it, but that was the conversation we had.

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