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Pots Or Not.

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When I stand up my heart goes up from 60 to 90 usually. However I've been getting up extremely slow and it goes up for like 10 seconds then is normal just an extra 10 beats per minute.

This does not happen all the time but if it was POTS would it happen EVERY time you stand up?

Does anyone here with POTS experience when they have been standing for a certain period their heart race goes to normal?

Not sure whats going on here!

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Welcome to the forum!

In answer to your question, everyone is different, well, let me back up a bit...

"Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome is defined by excessive heart rate increments upon upright posture. A person with POTS will experience heart rates that increase 30 beats or more per minute upon standing and/or increase to 120 beats or more per minute upon standing (Grubb, 2000). These exaggerated heart rate increases usually occur within 10 minutes of rising."(This is from Dinet.org in the POTS explanation if you haven't had a chance to go through it)

I was dx in 2009 with "probably POTS" through a Tilt Table Test (TTT) This test, I believe is the standard test in identifying POTS. Usually a Cardiologist/Electrophysiologist will give this test. Personally, my heartrate goes up and down. I've been on medication for about 2 years that has seemed to help although I can still experience tachy (hr at 120) while making the bed or doing dishes or being in the sun. It doesn't happen for me all the time. Usually I can go about my daily chores without a problem. If I do get tachy I usually have to lay down and try to relax until my hr goes back to normal, but this doesn't happen too often.

It is important to try to find a doctor that has knowledge about POTS/Dysautonomia, and that is willing to work with you. Have you seen a doctor? Have you had tests run? Do you have any other symptoms? If you look on Dinet.org's main site, there is quite a lot of information that is helpful.

Best of luck to you.

Be well :)

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Thanks for the reply,

I have had Echocardiograms,ECGS,24 hour ECGS, blood work for all sorts, Stress ECG. I'm going to an cardiologist/elctro on Tuesday to see what he says about POTS, he was on a POTS website so sounds like he will know what hes talking about. I sometimes get 120BPM when washing the dishes, it varies but I dont get really bad symptoms, just dont like the feeling of my heart going fast for no apparant reason lol.

I used to be so fit until 17 and got my car!, Swimming, Running, Biking, Karate etc.. I was thinking de-conditioning may be playing a part in this. Scary position to be in with heart problems Im sure youll agree! I even bought myself a portable ECG lol.

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Keep us posted on what the Cardiologist has to say. I don't get really bad symptoms either, although it all depends on the day. I'm with you, I don't like the feeling either, it can really freak me out at times, which of course can just make things worse. I have been much better as of late though, I don't know if it is the meds, my resolve to this illness, or what. I'm just trying to take it one day at a time and do what I can when I can. This forum has been a tremendous help for me. I wish I would've joined sooner than I did. I certainly helps to know that we're not alone :)

I was active as well before my sudden onset a few years ago. Used to ride my bike 9 miles a day 5-6x/week. Worked out on WiiFit, did yoga, walking, running. Personally I really think the term deconditioning is overused and misunderstood (not directed to you personally at all). Unfortunately you'll find this term in a lot of articles relating to POTS. There was just a recent thread on here about that: http://forums.dinet.org/index.php?/topic/23238-grinch-really-caused-by-deconditioning-really/ When I hear deconditioned I think of my late mother who was bed-bound for much of her last eight years after a botched routine surgery. She was literally an invalid. In other words, I believe (and I'm no dr.) that deconditioning is a result of prolonged bed bound type lack of activity if that makes sense. I don't believe that people who exercise less or not at all but still manage to walk around, do dishes, laundry etc. can truly be considered deconditioned. There are many on here that lead very active, exercise-filled lives before POTS and there are some that are still active despite POTS.

I think it is important to get a bp/hr monitor and check your vitals regularly and keep track of the results. I take my notebook in to my dr. so he can go over my vitals. Any information we can give doctors is always a help. Who knows, you or your dr. might find a pattern or triggers that can help in what type of treatment protocol he/she uses with you. There is never too much information you can provide to your dr. in my opinion.

Best wishes to you :)

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BTW, I also had a treadmill stress test a few years ago in which the results showed that my heart had "above average exercise capacity", yet I have POTS. Hmmm. All my other tests, EKG, Sonograms, etc. all come back normal. Tested positive during TTT a few years ago.

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I have some of the more pronounced increases in heart rate upon standing (75 to 150 is pretty common for me), but it absolutely does not happen every time I stand. I guess I could say it happens most times, but there are definitely times when I stand or change position that causes no symptoms or tachycardia for me. It is totally random. My doctor told me that this is normal for POTS. Depends on all kinds of factors.

And for your second question, I can't say for sure because after standing for a while I generally feel like my body is adjusting and evening out but my tilt table test showed that after 45 minutes my HR was still increasing. So I don't know if you have tried to measure this but I know I feel one way but my heart feels differently. I am sure my HR plateaus eventually but I am not sure at what point.

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