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Pots Hole or Hormones?


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I have been reading all of your posts on The POTS Hole and realize that the feelings are all to familiar. At least once or twice a month I fall into these days of pure exhaustion. I'm not tired just completely fatigued. My body feels heavy and I have a hard time getting daily tasks done without forcing myself. Sometimes I would go a month or two without crashing but when I do I have brain fog, feel disconnected from everyone and emotionally down. All these years I've thought it was hormones or a bug or just the exhaustion a mother experiences since it's only been since I had kids. But now after all this research and the POTS, AN dx I can't help but wonder if it's always been the POTS and I was just uninformed.

Who knows it could also be a hormonal thing or something else but it's definitely got me thinking..........

I heard if you have sudden symptoms the chance of recovery is better. I was holding on to that hope because my symptoms became apparent overnight. Now I'm scared my chances just went down. :D

Oh well, it is what it is eventually I'll get to the point of acceptance. I just was sharing what's on my mind. :P

Have a good night's rest to everyone!

Dayna :angry:

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Dayna, I think the general consensus is, that our hormones affect our OI. How old are you? And don't give up hope, the studies do say, sudden onsets have a higher chance of recovery. I was born this way, not wired right, so I've had about 50 years to adjust....morgan

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Well I just turned 28. I also learned if there will be recovery it takes a long time. So I'm not expecting anything overnight. I'm sorry to hear you've been living like this for so long. I hope if research helps cure anyone you get the first chance at it.


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