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:blink: I posted last night and was a little upset by a post, so was a little more abrupt than I would normally be. Or maybe not. I'd like to think so though. Anyway, the way I took the post was that someone felt this site was only for people with ans problems that fainted. I know there are people like me on this site that don't faint, but definitely have orthostatic intolerance problems. Autonomic dysfunction. I believe this site is for all of us, fainters and non fainters alike and we all support each other, regardless of what our symptoms are. This is not a site to make people feel invalidated and if anyone feels that way, they should speak up right away. This is not a site that veers off into voodoo stuff, but we do bounce things off each other. (That's a main reason I don't go to other sites dealing with fibro and stuff, they tend to be out there, at least the ones I've gone to) This is a safe haven for ALL of us with ans dysregulation problems, no matter how minor or severe and we should all feel welcome here. If someone doesn't, we need to know why and try to fix it. I guess that's all I was trying to say last night, it just came out rather rudely. I apologize for that. I do not however apologize for being annoyed at sarcasm, and there is a difference between sarcasm and teasing. morgan
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Morgan, just to add that I am not a fainter either, however, I become near syncope when I am upright too long. I just get enough notice to sit down. Also, my bp doesn't drop dramatically on standing as most people here but I do have dx of POTS because my HR soars and all the other wonderful symptoms.

Like you, I think this is a wonderful site for all who can benefit from it and the experiences shared have helped me personally.

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Sarcasm is fine to use at times--it's a coping mechanism, and as long as it's not the ONLY way one communicates, there's no problem with just being yourself here.


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i didn't think your post was rude at all. it actually made me feel more welcome. i think i was and still am too out of it to understand quite what went on in the original post response that confused/upset us. I still don't get it, and i was just going to try to give the board some space for a while. I didn't mean to be complaining too much about my problems and i have a hard time picking up on sarcasm (especially when it's written) so i wasn't sure what was going on and still am not.

whatever the case, i'm really tired and need to take my psych test in an hr and a half or else i'll be forced to drop the class even though i haven't had the time or energy to study for it. which doesn't make sense to me because i think they should just make my other tests be worth more of my grade than having me waste energy taking a test i'm going to pass, at best, and i'm going to fall more behind on the material...not magically *catch up* once i've taken the test. so, i'm going to rest, since studying won't really do me and good, and hope i can make it thru the test without having to lie down! (not that i would..i'd just quickly choose some random answers..kind of).

but apparently my mom is going to have my general doctor speak directly with my teachers since there has been a delay in getting my paperwork together and the disability center hasn't been much of a help....

at least i'm eating better and holding stuff down (still simple-ish stuff, but larger quantities and i had some peas at lunch, too!)

hope i didn't complain too much, but know that i never mind hearing what's going on with all of you!!! you can even send me personal messages!!

love and hugs and prayers,


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