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bruised veins follow-up


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Hi everyone, I posted a month or so ago about some bruising I had on my legs. I was at the doctor this morning and finally have a name for what it is - Livedo Reticularis. I'm curious if anyone else has this? Or knows anything about it? The dermatologist I saw didn't seem to know a whole lot, but she says it's often caused by connective tissue disorders. So, maybe an EDS thing versus Pots, although I still don't have a definitive EDS diagnosis.

Thanks, Pam

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I kind of just attributed this to my age not to POTS, maybe I'm wrong. Last week I had been forced to stand much longer than I would've liked. Think I was out shopping with the kids and we got stuck in dang lines. Anyway, I couldn't figure out why my calves and ankles hurt so badly but when we got home my ankles were slightly swollen and I had more noticable spider veins with slight bruising. Spider veins run in my family though and aging makes them worse.

I guess this problem doesn't bother me as bad as some of my others. I think after having multiple symptoms and seeing the doctor whom usually asks me to keep it to the 1 or 2 worst, makes me prioritize everything. That's usually low blood pressure, ongoing tachycardia and muscle spasms.

Sorry, not much help in this area. I've never asked the doc about it and it's kind of low on my list for now.

I was told that I have EDS a few years ago but then referred to the hypermobility website. Sounds like you're on to something though. Thanks for posting it.

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Pam, I did a search on POTS & Livedo Reticularis on google. There were sites that mentioned a connection. Stewart's site mentions a connection in the last paragraph on the page:



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