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At a loss of what to do


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Can?t decide, at a loss as to what I should do.

I went to a hematologist last week because of my low hemoglobin and hematocrit. I also have extremely low iron and saturation level; ok it?s practically nothing.

I?ve been getting Epogen injections but without the iron to bind to it doesn?t really do any good.

The hematologist gave me four choices: I can take continue taking intravenous iron Ferrlecit (which I started last week just to get things going), I can take IV Dextran, I can get a blood transfusion or I can see an OB/GYN about getting my menstrual cycle stopped.

I would kind of like to take the Dextran as it?s only a 2-3-time treatment in a year, but I?ve heard how dangerous the side effects can be and I?m extremely sensitive to medications as it is. The iron that they are giving me right now is every week. I really don?t want to get a transfusion unless I?m dying. And because my family has a blood clotting disorder I don?t think hormone suppression is a good idea. I?ve never been able to take the birth control pill as it can cause blood clots in our family and I don?t want to get a DVT or die of a pulmonary embolism.

Any other ideas or suggestions? I only have two more weeks to decide.


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Guest tearose

You sure have a lot to deal with right now. Let's get a plan of action for you. First, you really need some iron so keep the weekly injections until you are ready for the next step. Second, let's do some research on what alternative will have the least amount of side effects for you. Also, why can't food suplementation of iron be included? Third, I think you have to take a look at your liver reaction while on Epogen. (I was on procrit after major surgery and recall that.) Fourth, are you able to get a second opinion because sometimes there is other reasons for you having such low levels...like your blood cells are shaped differently. Or maybe you do have serious loss during your cycle and need to address a clotting time issue. Fifth, take a deep breath and know we are here to help. Would you like me to do some research for you?

Hang in there, and please eat some spinach today!

Hugs, tearose

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Hey there--don't have any clue about how to answer your question, but just wanted to say that I hope you find some relief. Let us know what you choose to do and how it works out.


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