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Does anyone know how Nicole's doing?


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Amy, I too am concerned how Nicole and her mom are doing. A month or so ago I started a where-are-you post and we never heard a word. I am worried but Beverly if you are out there know that we are all thinking of you and hoping that Nicole is improving day to day. We miss hearing from you!

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Hi everyone,

Thanks so much for your concern. I have not written in such a long time. I hope you don't think we have fallen off the face of the earth. I have just received a couple of emails so that's why I knew this thread had been started.

Gena, thank you for writing in our behalf. Geneva and Calypso - thank you for inquiring about Nicole.

I had to take a step back from writing on the forum for several personal reasons. But just to update you - Nicole has been taking a naturapathic route for a while now and time will tell if this will work for her. She is still not in the greatest place with this illness- yet she has a strong belief in this way of operating- the natural way. Presently she is in VT where there is a clinic that deals in Biological Medicine. She is at a bed and breakfast and goes to the clinic for about 2 hours a day. The treatments are mild. She has had someone with her so that they can drive her there each day and bring her back to the B&B. She has great hopes that this effort will pay off for her.

Nicole will be home Friday night. This is the first attempt she has made to travel anywhere outside the house since her relapse back in Sept. I hope it is a sign that she will be willing and able to travel elsewhere - she says that in time she intends to take a more integrative approach to her problems. I want more than anything for her to improve and get to a better place.

I am using this time with her away to try and recoup some of my energy. We have eaten out a lot or have done take-out. I have only cooked once!!

Although I have not been present on the forum I think about so many of you and miss you. You are indeed a wonderful group of people- the best- so caring and supportive and intelligent.

For now I send you love and hugs and best wishes.


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Beverly, thanks so much for checking in with us -- you know what worriers we are on this site!!

It is wonderful that Nicole has been able to go to VT and down this natural path for healing. The arrangements sound like they are ideal for her with someone caring for her at both ends. Plus, I imagine she feels a degree of her old independence just going away from home and seeking care on her own. Losing our independence is one of the toughest things to cope with in my opinion so I am happy to hear she has taken this step. I also think that the more we can do for our bodies naturally, the better.

Sounds like you have been using her time away in a positive way for yourself. A cooking holiday is a great idea!! I know you have health issues yourself so I hope this time allows you to recharge and be stronger.

all the best to you and Nicole. geneva

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Thanks for the update. I remember now that you said you'd be taking a break from here ... and that's absolutely fine. I just have a bad sense of time and it felt like that was so long ago, but it probably wasn't. I think a natural healing route is best if it works for Nicole. It's definitely something to try. It obviously can get very expensive, but it's a commitment that she and you will have to make. Generally, I have been told by most naturopaths and holistic docs that if you see no results in three to six months with a certain treatment, you probably aren't going to. But that doesn't mean you can't try other sorts of natural treatments.

Wish Nicole the best from us. And definitely find time to catch your own breath and unwind a bit. I can only imagine how stressful having a sick daughter is.


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