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Not sure how I feel

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Hi all,

I'm feeling halfway literate today and felt like rambling. After going to Cleveland Clinic I was put back on Florinef and they added Lopressor. I had horrible daily, all-day migraines on these meds. I called Cleve Clinic, they said to continue taking even though I have a history of not tolerating beta blockers. 2 weeks later I ended up in the hospital, heart rate had fallen ridiculously low. Hospital and my regular doctor said absolutely no more beta blockers. My regular doctor was frustrated with not getting any help from the specialists. He said they just send him test results but don't help him with options to treat me, so we agreed that I needed a local cardiologist. So I found one in my area that actually seems to understand dysautonomia. After reviewing all my records, she stated that I have pretty much gone through all of the possible medications but put me on midodrine as a last option. I've been on that a week now and so far have seen no changes at all. She also had me do the 30 day event monitor again which has been pretty interesting. When I am laying down my HR is typically 40, when I stand it goes to 160-180. And they wonder why I feel cruddy lol. The one thing that the cardiologist mentioned, and the one thing I am really struggling with, she wants me to see a psychiatrist. She said I need to talk with someone about how to cope with drastic lifestyle changes. I am not comfortable with this. It took SO long to get the correct diagnosis, and so many frustrations of doctors saying "Are you sure you aren't depressed". I'm a little bit scared to go see a shrink and go through the depression battles again. I also am going through the disability insurance process right now also and dont want any of that to get skewed. Do any of you see psychiatrists? Did it help you? How do you find a good one that understands what dysautonomia does to you? Does anyone in Ohio (Columbus area) have a good recommendation?

Thanks for letting me ramble.....


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Hi Lisa - I agree with Steph. I honestly do not think your Dr was trying to upset you. Having a chronic illness is immensly taxing on us and the people in our lives..even if we think we have things under control sometimes we are burying frustrations deep down...thats what is so great about counseling.... Its a safe place to vent, or just talk.....

I have seen many counselors on and off for years now. My husband and I go to see one together as well. Not b/c we are not happy with our marriage or depressed, but b/c we know that we have quity a bit of things going on and an outside ear is always so helpful

If you decide to go see a counselor..take your time...see several.....pick the one you feel will fit you, dont feel you have to stick with the first one you see. A good counselor will tell you that anyway,.... Thats what I did, and I ended up with a great one.

Also just b/c you are seeing a counselor does not make you clinically depressed or crazy... I think 80% of the world is in counseling nowadays! LOL

Depression does not have to be clinical...it can be a normal part of dealing with illness.

I hope you feel better, and can get your meds regulated

Take Care :(

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I have been seeing a therapist for years and think it actually helped my case. I couldn't imagine not having her to fall back on. Depression is an illness, just like any other illness. It has no more of a stigma than pots and you deal with that, right? Several of my GOOD docs have said if I wasn't depressed about this, then they'd be really worried about me! I think you be surprised at how much it may help you, to see things from a completely objective viewpoint. Good luck! I'm at a point when someone says are you depressed, I say he** yes, wouldn't you be if your life turned upside down!!! morgan

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The fact that you felt this cardiologist understands us, is good. Quite frankly many people with chronic illneses are depressed. When I got diagnosed with heart failure I put out the word that I needed someone to talk to. Finally I was referred to a wonderful psychotherapist who specializes in persons with medical problems. If you dont call him, he checks in with you. I f I need meds he has a psychiatrist to consult. I think of it as a treat, somebody JUST FOR ME!!!!!!!

I urge you to try, interview if you will, and find one that you feel safe with.

Miriam :(

Sounds like you are on a good road, and midrodine worked after a couple weeks with sodium.

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i cannot leave my home and talking over phone is too exhausting, but i wish i had a counselor to help cope with the stresses of being chronically ill, do any of you know of any online counselors who would reply via email? this is the only way i could get counseling, thanks


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