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Extremely Thirsty - Why, And What Can I Do About It?


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Since the begining of this last crash, I have been extremely thirsty. I cannot even talk two sentences without having to stop for a drink.

I drink water, salt water, water with electrolites, coconut water and a cup of licorice tea in the morning. Nothing helps!

I am not going to the toilet excessively either, so I don't think I am peeing it all out. I remember this happening to me with my last crash, but I can't remember how long it hung around for.

Anyone have any suggestions?


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My mouth gets so dry that I have a hard time even conversing - I keep a bottle of water with me at all times and I have sugar-free life savers on my office desk and in my purse. I also use the "dry mouth" mouthwash regularly. A dry mouth sends a signal to the brain that says "I'm thirsty" - very annoying.....

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This would happen to me too and still does from time to time. It is so strange, isn't it? For me, i don't feel it in my mouth per se, it is just this overwhelming sensation that I need to drink fluid. It can be worse at night for me for some reason. I don't have diabetes or any other explanation for it but POTS.

I wish I could tell you something specific helps me. you are doing all the things I would try too. I was told by a nurse to be careful not to drink too much water b.c it can dilute electrolytes. Gatorade or an electrolyte balanced fluid would be best if you are drinking a lot (from what I was told).

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I can't say exectly how much water I drink, as I just leave my glass by the sink and keep refilling it all the time. But I drink A LOT. And in between I make sure to add electrolites, salt or coconut water to make sure that I don't dilute my electrolite levels in my body.

I have not had my kidneys checked (might bring that up with my specialist on my next appointment), but I don't think it is a problem with either kidneys or glucose as the thirst totally went away last time as soon as I started to feel better. I haven't had a problem with it for about three years, but now that I am in a POTS flare it has returned again. It definitely has something to do with POTS, as that is the only time that I feel like this.

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