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Pregnant! Switching Meds


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Hi all:)

So, I`m happy to say that after a couple of months, I`m pregnant:) (in week 6 now) Of course we are very thrilled and and very happy!

The symptoms are mostly tolerable, though I have noticed more pounding heart, tachy, nausea and slightly dizzy. I have been able to reduce my atenolol dose (as its generally not recommended i pregnancy), and I`m now only taking appr.15-20 mg a day. I acutally tend to feel a ittle more energized and awake, maybe because I was on 75 mg before, and my blood pressure is now more normal 120/80 (this varies through the day). I also was pre-hypertensive before starting beta blocker, so I guess my bp has to be monitored closely through the pregnancy.

My doc and I agree to switch to a small dose of a safer drug in pregnancy: Labetalol (Trandate). I am kinda scared of this, as I`m so used to atenolol, and it`s been a good comfort for me when my tachy has been bad. I know now that I actually can function on a much lower dose than what I thought I would. Anyway, I want to stop taking it, because of the possible risk to the fetus. (I know many women have taken them, and had healthy babies, I just can`t take the risk).

So, therefore I have some questions for you: I have read many ppl saying that Labetalol did nothing for their tachy, only reduced their blood pressure? Does any of you have sucess in treating the tachy with Labetalol, both non-pregnant and pregnant? Or even better: managed better without meds (when pregnant)? (I`m thinking especially of you who have been on a beta blocker before becoming pregnant, and had to stop taking them because of that)

I will start taking a very small dose tomorrow, so fingers crossed that it willl work :)

Take care

Villen :)

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Congrats!! I am currently on week 36 and still doing well. Although I can't answer your question because I stopped beta blockers a year before coming pregnant because they were dropping me too low. I can say from what I experienced so far that pregnancy has made a lot better. First trimester for me was the worse with tachycardia and severe fatigue, second trimester was amazing and a pleasure, and this third trimester is just uncomfortable and my blood pressure is varying a lot but I can't complain too much. Good luck on finding what works for you!

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