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  1. Thank you, jkoconne:) Of course I will:) I too have read both good and bad things, but overall I don`t think POTS is considered a contriindiaction to pregnancy. It just can be very challenging for some:)
  2. THANK YOU It`s a truly wonderful feeling knowing I`m becoming a mother:) And I guess, in the end its worth all the bothersome symptoms !
  3. Hi all:) So, I`m happy to say that after a couple of months, I`m pregnant:) (in week 6 now) Of course we are very thrilled and and very happy! The symptoms are mostly tolerable, though I have noticed more pounding heart, tachy, nausea and slightly dizzy. I have been able to reduce my atenolol dose (as its generally not recommended i pregnancy), and I`m now only taking appr.15-20 mg a day. I acutally tend to feel a ittle more energized and awake, maybe because I was on 75 mg before, and my blood pressure is now more normal 120/80 (this varies through the day). I also was pre-hypertensive before starting beta blocker, so I guess my bp has to be monitored closely through the pregnancy. My doc and I agree to switch to a small dose of a safer drug in pregnancy: Labetalol (Trandate). I am kinda scared of this, as I`m so used to atenolol, and it`s been a good comfort for me when my tachy has been bad. I know now that I actually can function on a much lower dose than what I thought I would. Anyway, I want to stop taking it, because of the possible risk to the fetus. (I know many women have taken them, and had healthy babies, I just can`t take the risk). So, therefore I have some questions for you: I have read many ppl saying that Labetalol did nothing for their tachy, only reduced their blood pressure? Does any of you have sucess in treating the tachy with Labetalol, both non-pregnant and pregnant? Or even better: managed better without meds (when pregnant)? (I`m thinking especially of you who have been on a beta blocker before becoming pregnant, and had to stop taking them because of that) I will start taking a very small dose tomorrow, so fingers crossed that it willl work Take care Villen
  4. Thanks to all of you:) Turned out I was just a little late with my period. I felt a little relieved (and also a little disappointed). We hadn`t been planning too much, and had been quite careful, so i couldn`t really expect to be pregnant. But when I was late with the period(I usually never are), I really thought I was pregnant, and started worrying about my medicine etc. I want to start trying "for real" soon, but it scares me about the atenolol. I don`t think we are that "strict" about the use of atenolol in pregnant women here in Norway (I can`t say for sure), but I have also read that metropolol and maybe other BBs is a safer drug. (If I absolutely can`t function and become very ill when pregnant). I`m not taking anything for my anxiety, as I feel beta blocker is the only thing that really helps with the heart symptoms, (although it can give me fatigue and dizzyness as well), and I don`t want to take too much pills. I will talk to my doc about withdrawing from atenolol, and/or switching to metropolol, but I`m sure she will think its the best if I don`t take any drug at all (easier said than done when the heart is racing badly and I feel horrible). Thanks again, you all give me hope and motivation with your stories, and I believe that my body can handle a pregnancy, I really do. I guess I`m just scared, because of all the symptoms. I really feel the "clock ticking", and want to become a mom, so I`m quite frustrated about all this. Love, Villen:)
  5. Thanks so much for your replies. I have read that atenolol is safe, but I guess that it says both things on the internet. I will talk to my doctor anyway!! I have read many women (especially those with hypertension) who have been taking atenolol, and everything went fine.I know about the risk factors, so again, will make an appointment with my doctor and discuss:) Thanks again:)
  6. Hello everybody:) First, excuse my language/spelling. I`m Norwegian so my english is not perfect;) I have been reading a lot on this forum and it`s been very helpful to me. To make a long story short: I am struggling with anxiety and the last four years been having issues with POTS/IST symptoms as well. I`ve been taking the beta blocker Atenolol for the last 8 years, and its been working ok ( maybe the effect has decreased the last years) I have many POTS-symptoms, but feeling unwell, dizzy and tachy after eating (especially much carbs etc), during and after exercise and feeling ill in the morning, are my main problems. I function ok in my everyday life, but I only work part time because of my health. Otherwise I`m healthy. My doc has given me a "clean bill of health", and says I don`t need the beta blockers,( that this is only my anxiety etc) The cardiology specialist diagnosed me with IST, and says I could take beta blocker to ease my symptoms ,that it wasn`t dangerous and I could expect a normal life span. My heart is structually normal, I have taken many echoes, holter, EKGs etc the last years. I have had a boyfriend for many years now , and we have been talking about having a baby:) I have really wanted to become a mom the last years, and I feel I`m very ready for it mentally! It`s the health thing and the symptoms that make me scared and make me reluctant. I am now 30 years old, and the only thing (ok, not the ONLY thing;) I can think of is getting pregnant and having a family with my wonderful boyfriend:) The thing is that I think I might be pregnant now!! (I haven`t been taking a test, but will do so if my period is more than two days late). I think its really exciting and a blessing, but It scares me if I have to wean off the atenolol , and also how the pregnancy would be. I wondererd if any of you have been on a low dose of beta blocker through your pregnanices? And how did you cope with your symptoms during pregnancy and birth? I have read that many women have had perfectly normal and heatlhy babies despite taking beta blocker during their pregnanices, and that many docs think its safe. I know it's a risk, but I don`t know how I can manage totally without out. I have tried stopping/reducing earlier, and it makes my heart beat high, I feel it pound all over etc. My doc says its nothing to worry about, but if my heart rate gets really high during pregnancy, they will of course discuss if its necessary to give me a beta blocker. Have a good weekend:) Villen:)
  7. Hello:) I haven`t been here very much, but I read a lot of posts and get many good advices. I am a young woman (age 28), suffering with heart racing/pounding, dizzinesss/pressure in chest when standing up, muscle fatigue etc. Lots of POTS symptoms and anxiety basically. My heart is fine, its my nervous system that is wrecked:/ My biggest dream is to get pregnant and become a mother, but my health is a big issue for me now. It makes me sad, because I feel like the biggest thing in life is to become a mother, and it feels so unfair that this symptoms and my bad shape, prevents me from achieving it. I can`t think of stopping the betablockers I am taking, even if I feel pretty unwell on them. I have been on them for about 7 years. I am terrified how my body will respond to a pregnancy, but I don`t feel like I can`t wait until its too late to become a mother. I have a good relationship and he wants to become a father as well:) I know that I am very fertile, my period is very regularly. I read here that many of you, despite lots of symptoms, have delievered healthy babies. its good to know. Is it possible my symptoms will improve when pregnant? If I have to stay on a betablocker (atenolol), is that very risky for the baby, and is it absolutely necessary to wean it off when becoming pregnant? (sorry about my bad english- its not my language;) Hugs, Villen:)
  8. Oh, you tell me about it. It was like reading about my situation!! S? angry, frustrated and just wanting to scream and make everyone around me understand that I feel terrible even if I look normal and healthy. I?m having a hard time sitting still. I work as a nurse (yes, its hard) but its better to keep occupied, walking etc, than sitting down, to not say standing too long!! Eating low carb food has reduced my symptoms and I feel more energetic etc, although I?m still having times where I feel awful.And I am tachy most of the time. The OI is much better though:) wish you all the best:) Villen:)
  9. thanks for the replies, guys. I don`t think its very important for me to take a tilt table test, as I know that I have orthostatic intolerance, based on my symptoms. The most important thing for me was to be reassured nothing wrong with my heart/that all the symptoms was straining it. I want to reduce my bb to see if it might reduce my symptoms, improvce my shape, because I ve been on a too high dose for a long time I guess. The tachy is a little worse now, but my legs feel a little stronger. But it certainly isn`t easy... have a good weekend:) Vanessa
  10. hehe. Im very glad these results came back negative, as I have been really worried about my health the last years. It makes the symptoms and anxiety that comes along easier to handle...I guess. am now interested in improving my health as much as I can.
  11. hi everyone:) Had an appointment at a new cardiologist the other day. My symptoms are similar to IST, POTS and anxiety!! He did all the tests: stress test, echo, 24 hour holterreg., 24 hour blood pressure, resting EKG, etc. They all came back normal, even if I felt like like crap all the time! My heart is fine, he said:) My blood pressure were pretty low most of the time: 100/60, but also some spikes during the day, under activity and so (he said thats normal for young women to have low bp, but my normal is 120/80) he also suggested that I reduced my bb-dose, as I get very tired and weak leg muscles. Its like they are really heavy and start to burn very easily, and makes it hard to function. I am now on appr.75 mg, Atenolol, and I still have lots of symptoms. I asked him if my heart would handle to cut down on the dosage, and he was like "of course" I guess i should trust that. He said that I would probably get more tachy, but that it will come down...and that I had to do it gradually. I have taken a little less betablocker today, but havent noticed much difference. I just hope I will feel a little better and not so tired and achy! Anyone else have good experiences from reducing the betablockers? Are there many who cannot tolerate bb? Hve a good day! Villen
  12. thanks again guys! Seems as if this a problem for many. I do the breathing and the "holding my breath and blow though the nose"thing, and it seems to help, but it doesnt remove the problem every morning. I still get it....maybe because I focus so bad on it every night before I go to bed. The subconscious remembers! Iknow this is bad when my stress is up and I have eaten bad, so this morning was a little better. I get a little scared when I read that heart can become enlarged after this...is it really too strenous to the heart? Then waht about pots-symptoms in general? (standing up, giving a very high heart rate) I thought that POTS, IST, anxiety, SVT etc were all benign heart conditions, and that you didnt have to treat it unless the symptoms bohtered you. I mean, look at the athlethes who work out two times a day with a sky high pulse for a long time? My doc and cardio say my heart is fine, but I get the betablocker to calm it down. I will have an app.at a new cardiologist in a little time, and I wil definaltey discuss my medication with him. Maybe try a different betablocker, or maybe an SSRI. thanks again, and sorry if I seem freaked out. I`m having a better day today- going for a walk with my mom soon, and going to a party later (with a cool new dress;)I miss the dancing though, but I know I will improve over time, and be able to an active person as I used to be. Have a good weekend all of you:) (btw, sorry for my english- I`m a scandinavian;) Villen
  13. thanks guys! I appreciate it. But will it improve over time? I take betablocker (atenolol 50-75 mg), but they seem to help less now than before. Is it really dangerous to the heart? I get a little scared...I have heard these symptoms arent dangerous but very uncomfortable...I dont want to take any benzos, but I take sleeping pill once in a while when I dont get any sleep. Thanks again!
  14. Hey everybody! Im struggling bad with anxiety and potsssymptoms. My worst is waking up(especially after a "good" nights sleep after having stressful day) then it feels like em dying, and just waking gives me pounding heart (I know this is partly anxiety and a hyper nervous system) but the worst thing is when I try to sit up or move, my heart beats like crazy (just after moving a little bit) and I get out of breath, and even more anxious! This often leads to more anxiety, I cant never sleep alone, I dont want to wake up alone etc etc. Its so horrible. Its better when I havent been eaten much sugary foods the day before, (Reducing gluten from my diet has improved my symptoms)and if I have been calm and slept good, but its not very easy all the time. How do I cope with this? Any advice? Wish you all the best and good health:) Villen
  15. oh yeah! count me in:) I` ve just walked for over an hour, and when we got to the videostore, the potssymptoms started when I was standing while looking for a movie to rent. So weird and annyoing, but I?m glad I?m able to walk this far on good days. Keeps my weight down, my legs strong and improves circulation, and generall feel better:) I love the autumn- perfect temperature, fresh air and loverly colours outside! (I live in northern Europe;)
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