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Do You Take A Potassium Supplement With Florinef?


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I am supplementing, a lot. My dr monitors my potassium levels. Every couple of months after I started the florinef I had blood work done specifically for that until we figured out how much potassium I need to take.

Recently I read that magnesium can also get depleted by florinef and should be checked periodically - that's a question for my next dr's appointment.

You might want to bring this up with your dr., meanwhile bananas are pretty good sources of potassium - if you like them, or baked potatoes (with skin), mushrooms, dried apricots, white beans.



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Hi Leigh8,

I was started on Florinef in the hospital and at my follow up with my gp he said you should have freqeunt monitoring of your pottassium until your dose is plateauted and then periodic testing on average once a month or so. I am supplementing with Klor-con 20 meq in addition to high pottassium diet however I was already hypokalemic to begin with so maybe u wouldnt need to be as proactive. Ive only been on the florinef for a month, so I have only had my blood checked twice. So far so good. Good luck and its worth checking with ur doctor about.

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Ps. The signs of low pott. are similar to Potsy symptoms...Dizzyness, muscle cramps, irregular pulse, nausea, however you should never, from my understanding supplement pottassium (ie: pills from the pharmacy) without your doctors advise because it is one of those things your body can have TOO much of as well, and be just as serious as not having enough..=) However pottassium in food is something that would be very very hard to have too much of, so snack away!!

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You might want to ask your doctor about having your levels checked. My doc didn't mention it to me either but because of the info I had gotten from here and other sources, I called his office and told them I needed it checked. They called me back to say that it was ordered. If you have an appt soon you could ask for it, but if not, I would suggest calling.

I'm not taking supplements but I do make sure I get potassium from food and my levels have been fine (checked 2 times so far and I've been on it three months. We are checking every three months now. I am only on a .05 dose daily, though, so since your dose is higher I think you should definitely check it out.

My potassium levels were found to be low when I first was sick and it is something you need to be careful with.

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Potassium levels are checked by blood tests. It is good medical practice to do periodic potassium tests while on florinef because the medication causes you to flush out potassium in urine. I take a lot of potassium and i am on .2 mg of florinef.

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