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Worried....need To Vent


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I know stress makes pots worse and I'm trying not to stress but keeping it in only seems to make me worry more.

Yesterday, my mom woke up with vertigo. This happens sometimes she's get severe dizziness and needntonsleep or lay in bed for the day, the next say she feel unsteady but start getting back to normal and after that be ok, yesterday she woke up it was super bad she was crying & moaning & dry heaving, she keeps insisting its super bad vertigo. She also has a strangely painful neck & back. Today she was saying she was better if she takes things slow, like she'd do something for a minute and then lay down, but then I think she did too much trying to get breakfast and is back in bed saying she also has a migraine.

I'm just worried and nervous, don't know if its contagious or not but I feel offer for her and want her to get better. I don't know if she needs to go to the dr, I just want it to go away,

Do you guys panic when someone around you is sick?

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Hang in there Bananas..((.hugs)) ...... I would be getting her in to see her doc just in case..... especially if she doesn't normally have the neck and back pain.......I wouldn't assume it is just vertigo....she could have a virus or infection. Try to take care of yourself...its normal for anyone to feel more stressed when our loved ones are sick...... unfortunately it does make us POTSIES worse than normal.


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She's doing better. At least she can get around now. She says its was vertigo combined with a migraine.

Ever since we moved she's been having vertigo more often like ever 3-4 months,. I kept telling her she should go to an ENT there are mediations that can prevent or lesson it when it hits but she's sooo stubborn.

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