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  1. I love you all. was showing a nonbeliever this site. emotional issues have been my worst part because it cripples us from some wellness because of the mind/body and all the exhaustion. I could keep talking but let's let this mean person keep learning! can I say that? I just did. the person that gave me big PTSD in my MID LIFE. lordy lawd! I say I will be back and I need to try cause then I do not come back. not thoughtlessness AT ALL. POTS!!!!!song quote "without love in the dream, it'll never come true." oxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxox
  2. I was just looking at the kids site for POTS: dynakids.org. They all kNOW that each moment must be managed. i have always believed this but w/o a support system, little is possible. A thread about DOING HOMEWORK MORNING TO NIGHT AND THE BENEFITS OF STRUCTURE IT COULD GIVE US. It was sad and true when 1 girl (stories) talked about 'not being able to plan.' That has been one of the hardest parts. up until the late 80's, i only had about 1/8 of the symptoms. Could be spontaneous anytime. ) -:
  3. thank you. almost nothing works for me. especially the emotional. oxoxooxx
  4. I am sorry to post this but any phys or emotional trauma hits hard after surgery. hard.surgery is gigantic phys. trauma. even the anesthesia should be discussed.i have not recovered from worse sypts of POTS and over the top chronic fat. syndrome 3 1/2 yrs ago. 8 hr surgery. emotional trauma..................i would blow up the site listing those. how bout a POTS PEOPLE ONLY TOWN???? xooxoxoxoxox
  5. welcome to POTS. it is like i posted this. I promise I will post all my sympts that are PHYS and cognitive when the weirdness sets in. now it comes on so much faster---6 minutes maybe. things float around, hearing has echos, feel far away from surroundings, floating off the floor---literally. (detached from surroundings is on sympts list) frightened. worse if i have to think, like at a cash register etc. i know with what is left of me that w/o a support system, we can not manage this awful illness that steals our life.i believe as well that there is homework we can do every day. and----DUH---the one thing we need to do---we do not: sit down every 10 minutes or less. it is like it holds you prisoner. i am the only one i knw who has had it since birth unless the sleep disorders were the cause. i always felt astrainged. like there was thick plastic between me and the world. learning issues etc. but very very passionate about so much and awesome at some things others can not do at all. i had 1/8 of sypts till mid 80's then it got worse. early 90's ---more terrible--now----barely leave the house and i had a life and i did things and was loved and loved. and we all have huge hearts, awareness and compassion yet get so little back. love to all of you. so so much love to you all .i need to come here more. peace & light
  6. this story is so amazing--speechless. and WE are not the ones making the big $$$!!!bless you in so so many ways. so many ways.
  7. I need to look at that Gluten for Dummies book. There are so many things we can change and do to help. But I have learned that good habits are harder to begin than bad are to break! age may contribute to that! I eat healthy but we are all drastically different in our DNA. So what can mess with 1 person can be fine for another. Some non-U.S.traditional medicines and cultural foods think we here get messed up in toddler-hood just by the additives in our foods. I am not too in to dairy, but some.
  8. Thanks so much. I know many are grain free too and i would not know how to get used to that? There was a specific one mentioned. Began with a P. I have ben wanting so many changes. And if some us have had a lifetime of POTS, how much more messed up did i get from things I ate? My sleep issues go to birth!
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