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I was wondering if anyone found any vitamins or supplements helpful in increasing energy. I've recently changed my diet drastically (no bad carbs, no soda/juice, red meat) - I have a problem with my insulin/glucose levels. I know this is contributing to the lack of energy but it has actually made some of my POTS symptoms lessen. I realize I should probably be taking something to help with my energy. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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If you drink alot of water, make sure you replace the lost potassium.

I also use a regular daily vitamin with extra iron, as well as taking a complete b vitamin and Magniesium lactate. I eat lots of yogurt and drink a special kind of milk (lactose free). I have also stopped eating most red meat, I still eat deer and buffalo(easier to digest). I have also almost completed the change to a gluten-free diet, and feel much better for it. I tested negative for Celiacs', but still seem to have trouble with glutens. For a good, sugar free juice, I like Ocean Spray Light.

As for more energy, I'm not so sure what to suggest as most otc energy boosters are bad mojo for me.

best of luck, blackwolf

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A well managed exercise program , as simple as walking then some resitance training. Be sure to get some help setting it up and remember a little will go along way. Core training is the best way to start and requires little or no equipment. But, i would recomend a Swiss / stability (big blue ) ball & some hand weights / medicine balls (light) . Seek out an ACE certified or equal trainer tohelp organise an at home regimen . This should help to increase energy as always only do what you can ; need be, break a routine up into 2 -3 parts.

I am a Trainer , own my own Studio and have trained / rehabed many but this has been the most consistently difficult to train. As I have gone from my usual programs , the adjustments that I have had to make have led me to be a much more diligent Trainer to all my clients ( even when i have to train froma chair and can barely speak). It is important to stay active keep cardio ,muscles , bone strong`and nerves firing. The liittle bit of exercise provides that air of accomplishment ; help yourself to get better, stay heathy and have more energy -- even if it is just for a momment.

Bottom line is small well balanced meals with a modicum of proper focused exercise and well researched supplementation can provide some relief and give you extra energy. If I have learned 1 thing in all of this you have to reach in before you can reach out because nobody, DOC'S included ,can provide the answers

Sorry for the little bit of a rant but its been March break rolled into easter here so ALL 5 KIDS all day for last 2 weeks -- great fun ;But you wannna talk energy Man if I could only tap into them.

Best wishes Happy Easter Kite #7

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Hello - I drink 1 or 2 protein shakes a day....they really help. As well as the excersise...not overdoing it though...

I have a total Gym and I have been doing resistence training for 8 years...it has kept me tone and strong even when I was at my worst..I also have a mini trampoline.... I use it a few minutes here and there in a day.... its supposedly great at stimulating your Lymph system and gettng things moving.

I HOpe you find a combo of things that will boost you a bit!

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