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Generic vs. Name Brand Drugs


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I received a reply to a post about beta blockers that I found very interesting. The person said that a generic brand drug made their symptoms worse and a name brand helped her but vise versa in someone else she knows. I may have that backwards but the point is still the same. I have always known that generic brands don't HAVE to have exactly what's in the name brand only a certain percent. So what are we supposed to do? POTS patients try several drugs (sometimes a new one each week) so are we supposed to then always go back and ask for the name brand if the generic didn't work or made our symptoms worse? Most insurances won't let you get the name brand if there is a generic. I have gone through 5 drugs the last two months, so do I need to start again and ask for the name brands in all 5 drugs? I don't want to pay a $25 copay for a full bottle of generic that collects dust because it didn't work to only get a $100 dollar bottle of name brand that doesn't work either. Any thoughts or comments?

Thank you to the two people that replied to my post on "Beta Blockers...why are there were so many? This is a very interesting thought!

One more thing, I noticed a few years ago when I tried Lorazepam the generic for Ativan it tasted sweet under my tongue and the name Watson was on the pill and it helped a little. Now I have started Lorazepam again and it tastes bitter and doesn't help. It is still Lorazepam but made by a different company (the name Watson is not on the pill), so does that make a difference also? How on earth can you win with so many different drug companies out there competing?

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Dear Tammy, that was me.

I have to pay for my pills, unless I can get samples, so I only buy just enough to get me started. I just ask the pharmacist for a few pills and see how I do. It is better to check with the phamacist to see what is available and how much, I also call around and check prices at several different places, some of my scripts are cheaper at one store while others are best bought elsewhere, before you get your script filled and I often ask to see if they have something that they would reconmend first, ie. generic vs. brand name. They will know more than any doctor about trouble with certain meds.

My pharmacist is one of my best sources of info and is very kind in helping me.


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