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New update on the job issue


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I got a call back on Wed. night that I could come back to work the next morning. I was given no more explanation other than that. I went in that morning and I am a nurse in a nursing home, we have state survey every year and it is a good thing to

to have experienced nurses there. Well when I got to work guess who had came in the evening before. Yes, The State Surveyors........I believed that was the only reason I was allowed back to work. When I finally saw my supervisor that morning I told her, Ya were kinda cute calling me back in here while state was here, she just smiled at me. A little later on that day I asked her, when the state surveyors leave will I be allowed to continue to work........she said I 'm working on it. Can ya imagine how mad I was? I worked that day and the next, oh the corporate office made them check my blood pressure twice a day and kept me plenty supplied with water. Well needless to say we haven't got to monday yet, which is my normal off day so I am very curious if I will be asked to leave when I go in tuesday.

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If they do ask you to leave, ask them to be very CLEAR on the reason WHY. Like... Are you being released for the day or indefinitely (with or without pay)? Ask specifically IF they are firing you? Be sure to state clearly that you want to work and make sure they know that you are only leaving at THEIR request....you do not want to later hear they are saying you abandoned your job.

Just a few thoughts. I really hope things start to look up for you. Hang in there and best of luck Tuesday.

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