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A note from Emily's mom


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Emily, a.k.a. dancing light, asked me to tell you that she was "blown away" by all the kindness and support she received in her big brown envelope!! A humongous THANK YOU for this enormous spirit booster!! Emily savored every card and message and has saved all of them!!

Just a quick update....Last weekend, while I was away, Emily wasn't feeling too well, but she survived without me and I did enjoy having a little respite from caregiving. She stopped the intravenous fluids this week and after much stress and fighting with the local doctor's office, she had the PICC line removed yesterday. She actually has started to have a little appetite which means that I need to cook something other than just chicken and vegetable soup. As you might guess, she is still pretty exhausted and just sitting up for a short while makes her tired...she hasn't started doing any laps around the hallway!!! Now that the PICC line is out, we are planning a REAL bath and shampoo tonight!!

THANK YOU so-o-o VERY, VERY MUCH for your time and thoughtfulness in writing to Emily...She sends you a BIG, BIG hug!!

Thank you for taking care of our girl,

Renee and Asher

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Merrill, thanks so much for sharing the update on Emily. I am glad that she enjoyed the card campaign! It has been a long 7+ weeks for her. I hope having the IV fluids out means she is really on the road to recovery.

OT, I know, but still wondering if anyone has heard from Nicole's mom...it has been ages since we have heard how Nicole is doing.

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Guest tearose

It is good to hear that even though it is taking time...Emily is making progress! It is a long road but that was one sick gallbladder and it had really messed with her insides!

Emily will have to tell us all about her path when she is able! I can't wait to hear how she found the strength to take her first steps and how she is now managing her dysatuonomia. With her inner "dancing lignt" the outside darkness doesn't stand a chance for much longer!

More get well wishes, tearose

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Thank you for posting this. I was just wondering how our dancing light was doing!

GO emily! We can't wait to have you back.

Stacey :-)

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