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Finally Tests-Any Advise Re Exercise V Drug Stress Test + Contrast Cat Scan


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Wow - it has taken ages but finally I will have a series of tests.

It took a really bad session with crushing chest pain and despite vowing I would never go to A&E again I knew I had no choice.

I stood my ground and was very clear and now i am to have:

Cat scan with contrast

Stress test with echo - I said I would prefer exercise to drug as i have had enough sitting tachycardias and I associate them with adrenaline surges which I can't bear. But maybe I am wrong and I would be better with the drugs. Any advise?

A barium meal - to rule out stomach spasm.

Then the cardio is going to get together with neuro and try and sort out the svt after pain, etc.

At last!

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That sounds great, Emma! I know you have waited a long time for this!

I'm with you on prefering the exercise as opposed to drugs. So much of what we experience is out of our control, but with the treadmill you have options - you can stop it whenever you want or need to. With the drugs, you have to ride out the effects and I agree with you, the sitting tachy surges are awful.

I had a stress test/nuclear medicine scan and I did the exercise, but the woman after me opted for the drugs. She didn't have pots, of course, but she went on in great detail to talk with the nurse about how she felt. They talked about how absolutely horrible it feels to be that out of control of what is happening in your body - when your brain is no longer in control of regulating your functioning. It was scary for her to have her to have her hr excelerated, feel nausea, light headed, etc. The nurse said that he tells people that you will feel absolutely terrrible, but we will try to make you as comfortable as possible and it will be over in 20 mins. At the time of their discussion, I was laying down because I had become pre-syncope (while sitting with my feet up). As I listened to their conversation, I realized that they were describing my symptoms and how I had felt since the onset of POTS! It's crazy really because he had soo much empathy for what she was going through, but we sometimes get so readily dismissed for feeling the exact same thing...but for much longer than 20 mins... :unsure:

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I've been through all of these test except the Barium. I didnt find them useful, but its good to get them done and cross them off your list to make sure.

But reading you list of meds and seeing how you are hyperPots I cant help to wonder, have you ever been given an anti-adrenic med like clonodine? Also do you have orthostatic BP issues? My Stress test showed walking hypotension..

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