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Anyone Been To The Autonomic Clinic At The Froedtert Hospital/med College Of Wisconsin???

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i see dr. chalimski there he is very good and actually cares about his patients. all the medical staff there were all very nice and careful of making sure i didnt pass out during my visit.

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My autonoamic testing was ordered by Dr Beth Lalande, an endocrinologist. Dr Jaredeh read my studies and Dr Barboi and Mary, the Neuro NP has been treating me. Dr Jaredeh is now at Stanford in California, starting up a autonomic lab there. Dr Barboi is soon relocating his practice to Rush in Chicago. Dr Chelminisky, an autonoiamic neurologist, and his wife Gisella, an pediatric GI, formerly of Case Western, have now joined the staff at Froedtert. I hear they are also hiring another autonomic neurologist. Dr Linda Lee, a dermatolgist will be working with Dr Afrin, from MUSC, in South Carolina, to treat my mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS).

I have been pleased with my care at Froedtert/Medical College of Wisconsin. Considering I have seen literally a hundred physicians and health care practitioners in 30 years for my ongoing issues, I have made most progress in u nderstanding what is going on in the past 2 years.

Best wishes,


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Just saw Mary last week and she'll continue to see me. Dr C is only seeing patients as a consultant, making recommendations and others will be regularly seeing autonomic patients. Froedtert still needs to hire another autonomic specialist, since Dr C has such limited clinical hours. Rush is my backup. Right now, I am seeing solid improvement on my new MCAS regimen and have 2 MCAS docs, so that's buying me some time.

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