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  1. There are many Dysauto Docs that routinely prescribe this med to try to "tame" the hyper adrenaline some of us get. My Doctor is one of those, and I must say it has helped over the past 2 years or so. I'm careful to not take too much, though it really has no effect on me. It really just levels things out a bit. I take a 0.5mg 2xday, another on some really bad days.
  2. I was attacked by a hive as a child, and Docs were shocked that I didn't have too horrible a reaction and was told that such an event could lead to being allergic later on in life. Got stung several times since. Last summer I got stung right on top of my pinky toe of my left foot. Went out at night during a rain storm to check on our down-spout; we have a hive that lives in the top of the drain spout or rather in the canal thing that brings water from roof to the spout. anyway long story short, poor bee tried to save itself by using my sandal as a life raft, I didn't notice and got stung. I h
  3. Yes I see Dr. Watkins at the Prolapse Center. My Cousin was diagnosed by him 14 years ago, and then I was in May 2010. I live in NM so it's quite a drive for us, but he only requires you seeing their office 1 time a year to stay as a patient. The first appt I had all the testing done here and took results to him. He spent about 3 hours with us and diagnosed me with Dysautonomia and Neurocardiogenic Syncope. He sent me home to follow Dr. Grubbs protocol of Florinef, SSRI, and Klonopin. Saw him again in November 2011. Had a new month long halter monitor recording for him. He diagnosed POTS.
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