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Guest Julia59

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Guest Julia59


I got some interesting news today----very interesting.

It's not like I didn't expect it though................ <_< that is precisely why I asked to have the report sent to ME.

On a more sinister note this creepy SSDI Doc wrote Lie after Lie on my clinical report.

According to him, the romberg test was faked---me falling backwards was FAKE! Oh, and my hyper reflexes were faked as well. He doesn't believe that I suffer any fatique, speech problems, tachycardia, pain, and said I could articulate my speech very well when it came to narrating the history of all my visits to the hospital and consultations in cronological order. True, it was in the morning, so I am better in the morning, but as the day goes on my ablilities lessen and by evening I look all used up. Joking Here...........

I'm expecting to be turned down, but I still don't know the outcome yet---the decision was mailed today.....

What I wasn't expecting was this doctor to lie like this-----unbelievable. He spelled POTS wrong---POTTS which is another disease altogether. He stated I could walk on my heals and I couldn't. I kept going backwards, could not move forward. He said that I had no physical limitations at all. He called my chiari---"so called"----as he did everything else I am diagnosed with. Basically he slandered me to SSDI calling me a malingerer in so many words.

I have asked for this report for over three weeks and they have been holding it. now I know why. They wanted to get the denial in first---then mail it to me. It would truly be a shock if I wasn't denied after this fiasco. Why would they mail it to me when I first asked for it, only to have me try to intercept it after reading all the lies?-----because they knew he lied too!

They mailed the decision today right after this report was mailed to me yesterday-----now how handy is that------ B)

I'm more upset about this doctor defacing my character in the report then being denied my disability! Of course I e-mailed my congresswoman right away. I called SSDI to let them know that I knew they were setting me up to be denied. I had two doctors---both very well known, fill out functional capacity reports saying I could not work, and of course all the medical files proving my medical issues are real--------and they just couldn't have that, so they had to hire their bit bull to do some dirty work. Well I got news for them---they won't get away with it----I don't care how much sicker I get. I will make sure this SSDI doctor answers for this. A very good Attorney is in order.........

Even if i'm approved---he has no business putting false information on a report like that that can determine a persons livelihood.

My husband was there to witness the whole dog and pony show.

Julie :0)

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Guest Julia59


I had inquired with one already, and they told me to try the first run on my own, and then go back to them on appeal. But I might get a meaner mad dog attorney now. I also have a bone to pick with that Doc. I got a lot of helpful information from the chiari group, and from you Sophia! It is clear that SSDI is not playing fair and I have the proof in my hand. Too bad for them I saved all copies of all the documentation----every scrap............

That information from that laywer you sent, I have it saved in my favorites. I found some very valuable information in there. Actually, one bit of it I told to the adjudicator today. I told him that legally they are supposed to weigh their decision more heavily on my personal Docs, as they know much more about my condition. I found this in that information you sent from the SSDI lawyer!

I'll keep you all posted on this dog and pony show---circus---whatever you want to call it. The funny thing is that they are so obvious they are trying to screw you--------------I just can't let them throw the screws to me.

Julie :0)

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Hi Julia,

I so believe your story. I had something similar 18 years ago when I had a car accident and went to see the government's doc. I was denied for pension and treatment and when I saw the doc's report he said that I was malingering everything. I never contested their decision because I was too sick from the car accident to think and act properly and fight. It took years of treatment and a LOT of my pocket money to get functional again. I am glad that you will fight back because those doctors should not get away with writing false reports. After all you pay taxes like everyone else and deserve your pension.


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One thing we must remember, they always want to make folks want to give up!!

Years ago, when I had a meeting with a psychiatrist about the disability (she spoke at some CFS support groups) she warned me in no uncertain terms that I better be ready for a fight if I didn't get approved.

That they would have their docs make me look like a malingerer, or crazy or smack me around emotionally. IT's WHAT THEY DO TO EVERYBODY!! Well, many people.

So, wait until you hear what they say and just keep yourself well armed. AND WELL CONNECTED.

I am glad the sites I posted helped you.

Remember, the squeaky wheel gets the grease, but the wheels that roll together actually get somewhere!!

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I am so sorry for you. I know how difficult it is to feel awful every day and then have to fight for the rights that you deserve. Please know that I'm sending you the strength to fight and to get your name cleared. As for the Doc, he should lose his license!!!!


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Guest tearose

I don't know what to say Julie. I am very upset with this situation and have not been able to shed any light on this for you! I will be the voice of encouragement too...even though I am now in an appeal from my hearing denial...I keep trying so you should too.

I think having an excellent lawyer is important. I happened to have an "old" case which I think added to the bureaucratic complications. The judge I had has a reputation for "finding the loopholes to preserve the system"...not in the individuals' best interest but the interest of preserving the system...!

Well, as I said, the lawyer is now appealing it and I have had to step back.(out of total exhaustion) I am trying to figure out what "get rich quick idea" will work!!! I have survived other trauma in my life, not that I will find it easy, but I know I will have to survive even without the ssdi!

I think I am going to have to start a business that makes a lot of money and I only have to show up for five hours a month...maybe I'll open a gift shop at the dinet spa! :P

...in my dreams

anyway, keep your fighting spirit and keep on going forward. You may just succeed!

best regards, tearose

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Guest Julia59

Thank you all so much for your support.

I feel for all of you who have struggled for long periods of time with SSDI.

The poor ethics I have just seen displayed from SSDI and the agency they hired this Doc from makes my skin crawl. If this is the type of thing that goes on----DOCTORS LYING ON THE SSDI MEDICAL REPORTS, then this is down right illegal. I can not imagine how they get away with it.

Well even if they have their loopholes and try to worm their way out in my case-----------there will be a lot of noise along the way. Can you believe this Doc even said I had NO surgical scars? Now i'm lying about the cervical spine surgery I had done by Dr. Heffez in Chicago.

I have not actually gotten my decision in the mail yet, but I assume i'm denied.

Like I said---it's not the denial that has me so mad---it's the lies on that report!

I've only just begun the fight.

Tearose, I'm sending you good wishes for things to turn around for the better.

In the meantime keep that beautiful shining attitude you have. You make me smile with all your posts---you have a way with words, and just know the right thing to say. I'm a box of marbles in that department. :P

Thanks again to all of you, I will keep you posted on this farce as I get more news.

I will be getting the decision in the mail any time now. If i'm accepted---i'll poop my pants after all of this----> but I think we won't have to worry about that.

Any bets------------------ :lol:

Julie :0)

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Guest Julia59

Another thing I want to add about your post Sophia.

When you talked about them smacking us around emotionally.

They need to learn to tell the difference between a malingerer and someone who has actual solid medial evidence in their file along with functional capacity reports filled out saying you can not work.

They actually hire Docs to lie to get us denied!

I'm glad you got accepted the first time, and you were spared this pain.

I know the system gets a lot of people who try to go on SSDI who really are malingerers and they need to protect themselves----but like I said earlier, they should know the difference. They could clearly see good solid medical evidence along with the functional capacity reports in my file, and they sent me to that toilet of a man anyway.

Julie :0)

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Julie, I don't know if this would help, or if you can do it, but every state has a quality assurance complaint line to report doctors of abuse or unethical practices. If the doctor is one the state picked, he still has to be licensed in the state you are in. You can file a complaint against him. Probably nothing would happen to him as far reprimands, but any complaints are logged and made available to the public. The doctor I saw was just a regular doctor they picked out. So he had his own practice. If he had done something like that, I would have filed a complaint just to put a mark on his permanent record, and anyone thinking about seeing him, would have access to the info. I know it's cold comfort, but if down the road something else happens, it will be another ding and at some point he would have to pay for being less than human. It doesn't help you much, but it might help someone else. I was very very fortunate, the doctor I saw, (I only had to see a shrink) was a very kind and understanding man. Don't ask me how I lucked out on that one! :P I am so sorry for all the struggles you have to go through, all of you. I got accepted on my first try and everyday I thank God, because I fully expected to be in the same boat as most of you. I wish you luck and don't give up and give in. Don't let them win....morgan

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