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Foods that set you off


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Many people here have mentioned that they avoid alcohol - particularly red wine.

Red wine in my family has always been a no no due to migraines. When i drink red wine, i get a migraine or an autonomic storm (like a migraine, but i tremble as well?) and then i get real bad POTS for about a week afterwards.

I was reading that Dr.Bell:


was saying that he was interested both in the connection to autonomic abnormalities like POTS and migraines in connection with CFS.

If we consider that the same foods may set off migraines as well as POTS, this could further that possibility

What do people here think?

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I have had only a few migraines in my life (mine have been triggered by bright lights, not foods). I am familiar with the migraine trigger foods though. I can eat or drink many of them without triggering any POTS related symptoms. Since having POTS, I do get intense headaches, a weird internal vacuum type pressure headache that I've never got pre-POTS. I have not pinpointed what triggers these types of headaches yet (food, stress, or other mechanisms). Interesting connection that you mentioned though.

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I can't eat any wheat or dairy products. My stsomach gets upset and I have only recently diiscovered that I have ana ctual intolerance.

I can't drink white wine- it makes my heart feel like it's going to fall ight through my guts and onto the floor. And red wine can just not happen. I lose my vision and end up flat out. It's like my blodd pressure just disappears.

I get much worse after a meal, too. I gather it's to do with our stomachs using too much blood to digest the food? Then there's not enough blood going towards your head?

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i have trouble with certain kinds of dairy causing migrains, but i do fine with yogurt and Deans Easy Milk. but i can't tolerate most of the soy milk, small amounts are ok, but not the amount i normally use in a day. go figure :)

i also have trouble with POTS if i have to much gluten food, not only do i get the stomach trouble but i notice that i hurt more all over and feel colder.


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