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Emg And Evoked Potential Test

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Today, I had my first emg and evoked potential test. These tests are to look for peripheral neuropathy. And to see if it is contributing to my pots. The emg was strange. They hook up electrodes to your body I wanna say around 5 in a certain area like your foot. Then they take this other thing that has two prongs on it and shock you. When they do this, they get a read out of action potentials almost like an ekg wave on a monitor. They then do this on other areas of your body. Sometimes the shocks cause you to reflex. They range from less intense to more intense, and the intense ones can be quite startling. All.shocks are localized in the area in which they are being initiated, except some which head up to your spinal cord. The evoked potential test was probably one of the most amazing things I have ever seen in my life, but was at times, quite painful. This test was done by a separate Neurologist at mayo who was becoming certified at this particular test. A thin needle was inserted into areas of my leg and foot. The insertion was not very painful. Then he would move the needle around to pick up signals that displayed themselves visually on a monitor as action potentials and also as sound waves that you can hear. Seeing this on the screen and hearing it was probably one of the most amazing things I have ever seen in my entire life. It was like I walked into a busy cafeteria to hear people having all different kind of conversations only these were conversations within my body, and MAN, were they noisy. It was like everyone had something to say. And there were so many! One right after the other, after another, constantly throughout the duration of our lives. The experience was nothing short of miraculous. I said to the neurologist, " I'm just a a battery!" To which he smiled and seemed amused. I asked him about the action potentials and he explained to me that we were looking at a muscle fiber, or a bundle of neurons. There were approximately 5 needle sticks where this occured. Each left a slight, small bruise but nothing to be alarmed over.

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They are very interesting tests!!!

Those tests were how I got a DX of Sensory PolyNeuropathy because everything looked fine on the screen and test results.

BUT, I felt NOTHING. The Neuro that did my tests, 2 actually, even added on extra things after I said I couldn't feel it because they didn't believe me. My Mother was in the room to witness. They had me close my eyes and tried to trick me by telling me what they were doing next.

I felt nothing, none of the shocks, none of the needles.

So I'm hoping Phoenix Neuro at the end of the month will have more answers.

Good Luck Lemons, and Good Job, keep it up!

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Oh boy, I felt it and it hurt like horrible. Of course, I'm SUPER sensitive to pain - any way. There was one spot in one of my legs that had damage in it - but, for the most part everything came out okay. I had a skin biopsy too and it was normal also. So, even though I have periods of some sort of neuropathy now - years ago, it wasn't showing up. When I cut glutten out of my diet, my neuropathies got better. When he did the pin prick test on me this year - however - I didn't feel it about half way up my foot. He also said I was missing some reflexes. So, not sure what that means. But, still walking and that's a good thing.

Hope you get some answers.

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