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Dizziness upon waking?


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I keep getting spells of vertigo when I wake up- sometimes during the night and sometimes in the morning, but always before I get out of bed- I feel it when I turn my head or roll over. It's true vertigo- spinning, and happens about once a week or so. It generally subsides within an hour of waking up and moving around. I saw someone on the NDRF board said they had Meniere's Disease and this happens to them, but I've been tested for that already, when I first got sick,and the inner ear was functioning normally. I have had this problem off and on ever since then.

Anyone know what could cause this?

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I've noticed this a few times in the last month as well. It is strange. The room really spins, not just dizzy "feeling" ... real spinning. I suspect this is what people call vertigo.

Mine has gone away each day that it happened and it hasn't happened more than maybe 3 times in the last 5 weeks.

Data, data, data. Good luck to you in your search.


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I've described mine as a floating feeling or like when we were kids and used to spin in a chair too long. Mine is usually strongest when my bp is falling, If you get a more medical reason or a way to stop it let me know! At least I know that I'm not just hyper-sensative to my body. Sometimes it's hard to tell if what I feel is POTS related or not.

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Hello everyone,

I'm new to this site - some of the annoying symptoms, but no actual diagnosis (except for vasovagal synocope, which just doesn't sit totally right).

Anyway, I thought I might offer a suggestion for the Dizzyness in the morning - my mother was originally diagnosed with Meniere's some 10 years ago (on holidays), but just recently had another bout of bad attacks (lasting days) - and local doctor actually suggested it was "Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo" - the symptoms are very similar, except for hearing loss. But the cause is actually "calcium" deposit (from explanations) floating in the fluid in the ear, that get lodge in the narrow part of the ear canal - which causes the dizzyness/nausea etc.

To dislodge the "particals" mum lies down on her back on the bed with her head over the side and then proceeds to completely rollover (360?) slowly in this position - TAKE NOTE this acutally makes her REALLY bad for about 1/2 - 1 hour but then relives symptoms.


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Guest tearose

I usually am dizzy when getting up, you know, the kind of dizzy that makes you have to sit back down for a few minutes more.

I rarely have had virtigo, spinning like you describe. I'm curious, I wonder if some of what we experience also has a correlation to the type of POTS we have.

My "brand" is hyperadrenergic.


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