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SSDI (again)


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I have a ray of hope. :P I tiny ray of hope, but a ray nonetheless. When I was at the doctor today my doctor was surprised to hear that I had gotten my disability claim denial because she had never received anything from social security. It turns out that someone just copied my records and sent them in, but never told the doctor that the SSA was also wanting a letter from her. So I called my caseworker at the local SSA office. She said that if I send in the doctors letter with my paperwork for an appeal that my case might be reconsidered and not have to go to the judge. I'm not getting my hopes too high because it isn't too likely, but I'm hoping a little bit!

So my question is, does anyone know exactly (or kind of exactly!) what they are wanting in a letter from my doctor? Miriam, you mentioned a week or so ago that you had a video for doctors that gives advice on how to get the ssdi paperwork done and approved. Did you have a chance to watch that? Anything I should pass on to my doctor?

I appreicaite your help so much.

:P Rachel

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Elsewhere I posted about the Disinissues email list STRICTLY DISABILITY questions group. Did you sign up for that? They could tell you EXACTLY what letter you need.

That site is STRICTLY ABOUT HOW TO GET DISABILITY, the specificities needed IN WRITING, and how to explain your daily limitations.

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