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Anybody know what happened to NDRF?


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I wanted to post some info there and the entire site will not even come up.

Has anybody else noticed this?

Has anybody asked what happened?

It's odd for the site to be down a couple days.

but with all the Internet threats of trojans, viruses and stuff, anything is possible could've happened.

Just curious,


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Oh, my GOSH!!!

THAT is terrible!!

I know both Linda and Dan have had health problems and now I am majorly concerned.

I sent an email to Linda and have yet to hear back.

Gosh, this is sad news, indeed. :unsure:

I called their phone number, and it has been disconnected. I am scarerd that they no longer exist.  :rolleyes:

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They've had problems in the past with the site--usually it was with the hosting company. I was able to get onto their regular site early yesterday, but since then have not been able to get the forum or site to come up. Hopefully, it's just temporary.


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Guest tearose

They are still down...I hope they are okay over there at NDRF. I use them and DINET as a resource for my doctors, I really can't imagine why they would be down so long...please, someone tell me it is only temporary!!!

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