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Has Anyone Managed To Get Their Angiotensin Ii Levels Checked?


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I went to my doctor yesterday and he basically gave me the "I'm the scientist you're the lab rat." routine. I really don't want to start sounding cynical against doctors.

So anyway I'm wondering if anyone else has found a way, I know some people mentioned labcorp but I'm still confused about how to use their method or where to go/what to do.

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Yes, but....

I know you guys have been talking about this. I haven't really been able to keep up with it all though. Not feeling so great lately.

Anywho, a while ago like 2002 maybe? I went to see Dr Stewart. He did a TTT said I had low-flow POTS. He was taking to me and it was hard to follow bc ya know I just had the TTT. At the end he was taking about getting my plasma-renin and angiotensin 2 tested. He didn't want to do it that day though so he sent me home (4 hrs away) wait a script to have it done by me.

I did but when I went there the lab didn't know what it was and had to look it up online. My had also researched it and was asking them if they were going to take specific steps with the blood. I believe it has to be spun w/in a half hour & then frozen- don't quote me on it but something special has to be done to the blood!

They told my mom no and not to worry, it's their job after all.

A long time went by and didnt get any results so we emailed him & we got a one-liner back that said "no abnormality found"

Part of me wonders if I was even tested properly???

But dr Stewart hasn't been helpful since then. I think he's very intelligent though

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I saw my internal med doc and asked him about it this morning. He said he could but then got distracted by motivating me to go to med school and getting a gastric emptying study done ASAP. :) ill have to shoot him a letter about it....

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