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What Are The Tests For Angiotensin Ii, No, And Ace2?

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I'm looking at my test right now and it just says "angiotensin II" - I was tested in 2007 at Quest Diagnostics. You can check the website of whatever lab you want and see if they run the tests you're interested in. Any willing Dr. can order the test. I would be very interested in the NO test myself- that's one I haven't done yet.

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If money isn't an issue, anyone can order their own lab tests. I've been ordering some off and on for probably 5-6 years. I began when I was curious about all my FT3 and FT4 thyroid labs, as back then none of my regular doctors would order them, just the TSH. Ten years ago the holistic doctors I saw would order them, but everything I spent with them was expensive and out-of-pocket. So, I got to where when I wanted to know what value I had for something that a regular doctor would not order, I would pay for it. Unless, of course, it was a couple of hundred dollars, then I would pass on it.

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