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Dr. Grubb


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Just wondering if anyone has heard anything new about Dr grubb. I had an appt with him at the end of the month but received a card in the mail cancelling. IT stated that he had had surgery but was going to have to have more.

I didn't call the office becuase I ddidn't want to bother them but just wondering if there is any new info.


Hope all is not so "POTSY" today like I am!!!

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Guest Julia59

I had to go to MCO---Medical College of Ohio today for my MRI and MRA. Dr. Grubb has his office in that hospital. I also live about a mile away.

I talked with the nurse and she said he is coming back to work in mid February---which is only about a week away. I hope it's not too early.

I just hope he takes it slow and does not get too many patients at once.

I'm keeping him in my prayers.

Julie :0)

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Hi Everyone:

I haven't heard anything since the letter I got from Dr. Grubb a couple of weeks ago. At that point they were cautiously optimistic but awaiting further biopsy results.

I did speak with his office last week and they said I could expect to see him in March for my scheduled visit.

I will be seeing Ken Davis tomorrow....a close friend and colleague of his, and I am sure I will get some new info.

I PROMISE to post any new news tomorrow!

Keep up the good thoughts and prayers!


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