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Iv Fluids


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Hey Guys. So in a recent post i told you how I got approved for IV fluids. I am going for my frist infusion this friday. My doctor is having me start out at 2 bags once a week. I am going to a infusion center that is located inside the hospital. Has anyone else gone to a infusion center for their infusions, and if so what was it like the first time you went?

Also to you have to go through registration everytime you go (like get a armband and all that) or do you just go up to the infusion center on your assigned floor? The infusion center is located in the hospital on a certain floor. So I am trying to figure out if you have to go thorugh pateint registration and get a armaband and all that jazz. lol.... So yea any replys would be greatly appreciated


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I just get my local doc to do it but im lucky as most would say no. The difference is dramatic at least for me. And the effects last quite a while for me. 24 hours although the initial peak is the best. You feel like you did before you were sick! :) I went for a 1km walk and had no rebound symptoms after my infusion last night.

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dani- yea my nxt appt with my doc is feb2nd and he is already talking about putting in a port. So yea im pretty sure will set up the surgery for the port then and talk more about it.

ramkentesh- oh ok yea it's awesome and im happy for u ! do u go to a infusion center? and if u do , do u have to go through patient registartion and all that jazz?

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