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How Often Are You Getting Iv Fluids

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I've only had them about 6 times at the hospital when starting at the ER, or in an ambulance. I haven't actually gone anywhere just for an IV yet. Lately I've been doing ok on my own with oral fluids and salt, but I have not lost a lot of fluid either since September. My last IV was the end of October. If I get the flu or something like that I suppose I will need IV fluids.

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I've never gone in for IVFs--just drink, drink, drink. I'm still very dry (had to be started on Evoxac). My lytes, hemoglobin, hematocrit are always ok. When I do get IVs in ER for other reasons or surgeries and such, I retain the fluid and it takes forever to get it off me (which is harder on my breathing and probably the heart). Now with doing the Ig transfusions, I'm going to have to try to at least triple my norm today and during tomorrows transfusion. With gastric issues and filling up with fluids, you feel waterlogged and it takes away your appetite (that I suppose I could take in as more fluids like jello but no nutrition in that). I'm starting Rx strength nutritional sustanance when it gets in to pharmacy Tues after my all day transfusion tomorrow (so can add that to my fluid list). I don't want veins traumatized any more than they absolutely have to be--get too many blood draws and on IV Ig--the least invasive way to get the fluids is always the least risky.

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