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I have been having adrenaline surges all day from not getting enough sleep last night and my almost 2 year old is throwing fits every 5 mins. I am at wits ends! She is wearing me down fast today...

How do you handle it when your kids dont cooperate??Movies and books are just not cutting it today. I gave her some crayons and paper and now I have marks on my wall because I wasnt paying enough attention while I used the bathroom. Excuse me while I go pull my hair out..

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I have 3 kids ages 2, 5, and 7. I so hear ya!! It's been negative temps so I can't have the older two play outside, talk about cabin fever! Can someone watch her for a bit so you can rest? If they get too bad I just walk away and deal with the mess tomorrow. Let her paint in the tub with water colors? Give her a bowl or bucket of shallow water to play in? Water is easier to clean up than crayon

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dani, i'm really sorry and i don't have much to offer you other than my sympathie. my youngest son was 5 when i started being sick (although i had symptoms all my life) but i do know how difficult it can be trying to look after todlers and like you said movies and books aren't always working. can you sit down on the ground and play with your little one? maybe you could draw pictures and let your todler choose colors, put on some music and let your little one dance, sing nurserie songs together., play with cars, puzzles and try to make a game of cleaning up. and in case nothing works you might have some one around to take your little one on an outing so that you can rest up.

thinking of you,


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I was very sick when my children were babies. They are 20 months apart. I used to let them get in swimsuits and play in the tub with toys. I would lay on the floor.

To save myself clean up i used to lay an old sheet on the kitchen floor ( under the table - or just on the floor if your table is nice). I would let them play with playdough and paint with watercolors. Anything you can do to save yourself clean up is helpful. In the winter I had outdoor toys inside.

In a way two entertain each other... but it is really important that children learn to entertain themselves so please don't give yourself "mommy guilt" for not playing with your child all of the time. Many people have commented on how well adjusted my children are and I worried so much that they were missing out because I was sick so often. If your daughter learns to play alone she is learning good life skills and developing her imagination.

Hope tomorrow is better for you! It does get easier on you physically as they get older because they do more for themselves.

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