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Hey guys. Thanks for all of the good lucks, much appreciated. I am back form Duke Childrens. Testing was quite painful for me but it was well worth it. I got the test results right away. Dr.kanter told me and my mom that I definatly had POTS. He was not a bit doubtful that it wasnt POTS. He said I had the classic textbook POTS. I did this test where I had to blow into this thing and Dr.kanter said that my BP dropped to almost nothing during that test. When they titlted the table up they said my heart rate went from 85 to 150+ . I almost passed out during the test so they put the table back down. He gave us a good treatment plan. I mentioned the IV saline treatment and he was open to letting me try it. We are doing the treatment plan of what he calls the 4 M's.


More Fluids



So I will be upping my doses of midodrine and keeping my flourinef the same. Oviously I know to drink more fluids. For mechanical I am doing a 3 month excercise program that dr.kanter and his team put togather for people with POTS. And the media which means he wants me to be socializing and networking with people like i alreadey do :) I will be doing a follow up with him in 3 months if things don't get better .. They are going to let me do IV therapy :) I am really glad the visit went super well! My prognosis was that he is expecting me to get better but said I may never fully grow out of it. But he also said that I do not have severe pots so that a positive. :)

Thanks for all the support!

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Thanks everyone I will keep you posted :)

misstraci: I am not sure yet they are calling my mom to tell her about it. I know the doctor told me it only involves laying on my stomach and back becuase the right side of my heart is really weak he doesnt want me to be doing any excercise than involves sitting or laying. I will let you know. HOpe this helps.

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