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  1. I dont know if you have low BP issues but read up on Magnesium & Migraines. Also, read about Arginine for migraines. Both can lower BP. I have suffered from hormonal migraines since I was 10. Can no longer take any kind of triptans aince I am on Zoloft and had seratonin syndrome which dropped my BP to 57/37 (this was pre-POTS) I have taken Arginine with 2 Advil at the beginning of a migraine and stopped it in its track It is worth reading up on! Liz Liz
  2. Hi Bren. My POTS specialist suggested that I try it...that has been alittle over 2 yra ago. He writes the script and faxes it to a pharmacy in Canada. It takes about two weeks for me to get it. If you would like the pharmacy name, pm me. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask Liz
  3. I don't believe it is available in Canada. When I order it from the US through a Canadian pharmacy, it is shipped from another country Liz
  4. You are welcome! My dr mentioned it to me when I saw him a few months ago but he did not know when it would be here....he just said soon. I kept forgetting to look it up but remembered late last nite Liz
  5. http://www.pmlive.com/pharma_news/amgen_buys_us_rights_to_serviers_procoralan_497005?SQ_DESIGN_NAME=2 liz
  6. Do a search on Arginine. I take 1000mg daily and add more if I have a bp spike. Liz
  7. Are you on any meds to lower hr/bp? Liz
  8. Why are you on midodrine and florinef if you have hypertensive episodes? Do you have low bp issues at all? Liz
  9. I was always told to take standing BP with arm at hear level. So thinks makes me wonder.....when my 2TTT were done, BP and HR readings were done with arms at my side. Are these readings then not accurate? Liz
  10. I have been on generic Ivabradine since May 2012 and have been cutting my evening pill in half for a 2.5 mg dose. The pill is NOT scored and I cannot locate anywhere whether it is ok to cut the pill and receive an accurate dose of the meds. Initially when I started the meds, I contacted the international pharmacy that I buy the meds from and they said it was ok to cut. I have read that Ivabradine is sustained release so I am assuming and unscored pill should not be cut. Anyone??? Thanks Liz
  11. I was having the same kind of pains....er visits and all normal. When in the er, I insisted that they do more tests so they did a calcium score (which came back 0) and a CT angiogram which came back normal. I was told it was a gi issue. Long story short, my previous pcp told me that pain from the gi area can radiate and feel like heart pains amd wanted me to try Gaviscon or Mylanta when I was having the pains....I did and sure enough....it helped. Went to a GI dr for testing and turns out that I have reflux (not typical heartburn pain) and Barretts Esophagus. Hope all will be ok Liz
  12. Is it pretty standard to be dx'd with POTS and not have a blood volume test in conjunction with a TTT?
  13. Do all POTS patients have low blood volume? http://www.daxor.com/PRquery.aspx?date=7%2f11%2f2013&title=Daxor+Corporation+Announces+Publication+of+%22Blood+Volume+Determination%2c+A+Nuclear+Medicine+Test+in+Evolution%22
  14. An endometrial ablation is NOT birth control..it is very dangerous if you have one and get pregnant. Any good doctor will not do the ablation until you are sure you dont want children, are done having children and you significant other is using protection. Novasure is one of the brands used for an endometrial ablation and is supposed to have a better success rate. My dr did my ablation using Novasure in the hospital (outpatient procedure) so he would be able to monitor my symptoms. My POTS specialist faxed him a letter staing I needed 3 bags of lactated ringers, 1 bag before, during and after the procedure. I was under anesthesia for the procedure and would highly encourage that. From what I have heard, it is very painful. After the first month, the flow was very light and is even lighter now. When an ablation is done, it does not affect your hormones. So if your symptoms are hormone related, an ablation wont help but if your symptoms are from large blood loss, this may help. Good luck! Liz
  15. For my 2nd TTT, my new dr had me off the BB as the results will not be accurate. The first dr kept me on BB and the results were inaccurate. Good luck! Liz
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