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Another ? about cold weather


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My daughter and I used to post on NDRF (we posted as Chris85). Chrissy hasn't had a lot of difficulties, she's 19 yrs. old with POTS, but the weather does seem like an ongoing problem. We live in the Cleveland area, which lately has been around 10 degrees. Last week we were in the 60's in the afternoon and then it went down into the 20's. When it does that I can understand why she doesn't feel too great, but lately the weather's been so cold but she goes out to her car without a coat, has to turn on the a/c and open a window. She says she can't really feel the cold at all (she explains it as kindof being numb to it) and just feels really terrible. She hasn't mentioned her heart rate going crazy during these times. Could she be somewhat dehydrated? She's absolutely terrible about getting enough fluid in. I don't know what to do for her. We keep our house at a cool temp. for her (low 60's), she has a ceiling fan in her bedroom and bath and yet she's still so hot--especially in the morning when she's getting ready for school. She is currently only on florinef. We were to have an appt. with Dr. Grubb in a couple weeks, but they wrote to cancel the appt. I'm wondering if we should call an get in to see an associate, or just wait until he is better. Any suggestions on why this is happening and what I can do to help her would be appreciated. I dread the summer, as does she, she is so much worse then! Thanks so much! :lol:


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Hi Patti,

I was 15 during my first summer with POTS. My body was so incredibly cold that I wore a heavy sweatshirt and jeans in the hot, humid Wisconsin weather. The following summer, I experienced hot flashes and would start sweating profusely. I think our bodies sometimes have a terrible time with temperature regulation and we do become "immune" to the temperature of our surroundings. Plus, I think hormones have a LOT to do with it...and being that she and I are both teenagers...I think it just exaggerates everything.

Unfortunately, I didn't find a "cure" for the body temp. regulation problems. They passed with time. Like you're currently doing, though, I wore thin, short-sleeved shirts, had fans going, air conditioning, etc.

I'm sorry to hear that Chrissy is having those problems. :blink: Best wishes to you both,


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Hey Patti,

Welcome to the board. I do feel really hot from time to time since I've gotten POTS. This never, ever used to happen to me before. I was always freezing cold. I was just wondering whether your daughter has had her thyroid tested? I don't know much about thyroid issues, although others on the board do. But I am bringing it up beacuse one of my good friends was always hot as you describe (for years and years, without many other symptoms) and it turns out his thyroid was very enlarged.

Hope she feels better soon.


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i used to be freezing all the time, couldnt tolerate any air conditioning, now this year even in winter, i'm so hot all the time and i'm even skinnier than last year, but i'm hotter than my parents who are much heavier than me, and i wish i knew what the cause is for this drastic change, but once again, i may never know the answers since so much of POTS is a mystery, just wanted to add that i can relate, wish i had some wisdom to share, i'm only 28, so i dont think its hormone related


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Hi!! I can't stand being warm or anywhere near it :) I hardly ever wear a coat, usually have shorts and a tshirt on in the house. Only have a comforter on my side of the bed, husband has a million blankets as well as kids because I can only tolerate the house being at 68* at the highest. Definately know where your daughters coming from.

I only wish that was my biggest issue with my NCS, but unfortunately its not. But this one I can handle :)


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