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Thought Things Couldn't Get Any Worse


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Sorry but I need somewhere to vent and get this off my chest! No pun intended!

2 weeks ago, well actually its very nearly 3 weeks - heck who's counting! I started to get sick with a chest infection. As usual because I loath going to Dr's drs I decided that it was viral and it would get better of its own accord.( so I know its my own fault!) For over two weeks I struggled on, barely getting out of bed because I felt so ill (with the infection and pots)on day 18 my husband put his foot down and called the drs surgery. He asked for the Dr come and see me or at least ring me as I couldn't cope with sitting in my wheel chair to visit the Dr's, he rang me and after a long conversation he said I had a chest infection.

Ive been on the antibiotics for a couple of days and my chest feels loads better but I am exhausted beyond belief I am struggling to walk and pretty much do anything at all for myself.Getting out of the bedroom for a change of scenary is leaving me utterly depleeted of energy. I didn't think I could get much worse than I already am but its happened.

I'm on florinef I take 0.1 and 0.2 on alternate days - I think I will have to drop the dosage back to 0.1 every day for a bit as I am getting migraines with auras now. I am drinking loads of fluid and having salt added to my food etc. However my blood pressure is still low..... for me I usually feel ok as soon as I am at 110/60 any less than that and I can feel it. Today the highest its been is 103/68 and the lowest was 88/40. I don't know what to do to try and get myself back to my normal level of ill health lol! I can cope with my normal crudiness but these last few weeks have hit me really hard.

Any suggestions will be warmly recieved and thanks in advance xx


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Oh, sympathy being sent your way! Bless you for retaining your sense of humor during this rough patch. I am wondering if when the antibiotics finally kick in (can take up to three days) you will regain your BP. I do hope so.

Last year my husband went through the same thing. He put off going to the doctor and ended up with pneumonia which landed him in the hospital and it took him many weeks to completely recover. So I hope with rest you will do the same. At least you desire a change of scenery--that in itself is a sign of healing! :P Sorry, can't offer any advice on the Florinef, I'm not on that--yet. Do you have compression hose perhaps? Take special care.

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Thank you all for your replies its so very kind of you.

I'm sure its a bump in the road that will soon pass, its just very frustrating.

I think if it continues after the antibiotics I will get in touch with my consultant. He did say to contact him if things weren't going well.

Thanks again and sorry to ramble on.


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